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Berlusconi writes letter to Karzai with Minister Frattini

Stories and News No. 151

Since five days, precisely since 4.30 p.m. (Afghanistan time zone) on Saturday 10 April, three Italian citizens are hostage to a foreign country.
I am talking about three people who have decided to risk their lives for their commitment to give free help to others.
For this reason, these persons should be the pride of a nation, to cite as a symbol of heroism to the younger generations, the best image in the world for a community.
Do you understand what Italy would gain from that? French, American, Chinese people, everybody hearing about Italy, soon would make this link: ah, that country of Emergency doctors, yes… what men they are!
Instead, to our misfortune, the association they make is with him...
Berlusconi’s response to the unacceptable afghan kidnapping - if you see, on this Blog things are called by their true name… - writes a heartfelt letter to President Karzai.
With the help of Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini, somebody told me.
Here is the chronicle of the writing…

The Story:

Arcore, 2010, Berlusconi speaks and Frattini writes...

Berlusconi: "Blessed Karzai, how beautiful you are…"
Frattini: "Blessed Karzai, how much we like you!"
Berlusconi: "We're followers."
Frattini: "Sorry for the vulgarity…"
Berlusconi: "Possible vulgarity…"
Frattini: "What?"
Berlusconi: "Possible! Do you want to write what I say?"
Frattini: "Possible..."
Berlusconi: "Otherwise, he might say: why have you written sorry for the vulgarity if there are no one? Does it mean you wanted to be vulgar and did not succeed?"
Frattini: "Sorry for the vulgarity and full stop. How are you?"
Berlusconi: No, it's not good: just blessed."
Frattini: "Blessed."
Berlusconi: "Bravo, very blessed!"
Frattini: "Free Emergency doctors..."
Berlusconi: "No: could you leave Emergency doctors? If you can…"
Frattini: "Karzai!"
Berlusconi: "Karzai! What is this?"
Frattini: "Karzai! Let's calm down, in the sense of everybody."
Berlusconi: "Oh, oh!"
Frattini: "Let's calm down, oh!"
Berlusconi: "Put oh in parentheses."
Frattini: "Yeah…"
Berlusconi: "Then type: sorry for the parentheses."
Frattini: "Sorry for the parentheses."
Berlusconi: "Karzai! It seems that there no one can move… this and that and also you, oh!"
Frattini: "… this and that and also you, oh!"
Berlusconi: "We’re just two people… good small persons…"
Frattini: "We don’t hurt anybody..."
Berlusconi: "Neither a fly..."
Frattini: "Figure…!"
Berlusconi: "Figure..."
Frattini: "… Karzai!"
Berlusconi: "A saint like you!"
Frattini: "A guru..."
Berlusconi: "A holy man like you…"
Frattini: "You are worthier than a fly, aren’t you?"
Berlusconi: "No, delete! Don’t put him in a competition…"
Frattini: "Yeah!"
Berlusconi: "Now we need a good greeting, by humble sinners, okay? We salute you with..."
Frattini: "We salute you with..."
Berlusconi: "Write: we salute you with our face beneath your feet."
Frattini: "With our face..."
Berlusconi: "As sinners..."
Frattini: "…with our face beneath..."
Berlusconi: "Your feet, without even asking to stay still. You can move!"
Frattini: "What do you mean?"
Berlusconi: "So he thinks we are just two humble persons, do you understand? That’s a beautiful image!"
Frattini: "I agree!"
Berlusconi: "With our face under his feet. And he can move!"
Frattini: "And you can move as you please."
Berlusconi: "As you please"
Frattini: "And we keep quiet…"
Berlusconi: "Full stop. Kiss."
Frattini: "Sorry for the comparison with the fly..."
Berlusconi: "We didn’t want to offend you. Your humble sinners..."
Frattini: "Must we greet again?"
Berlusconi: "Yes, you know where our faces are."
Frattini: "Again?"
Berlusconi: "Write it!"
Frattini: "Always quiet."
Berlusconi: "Always quiet."
Frattini: "Under."

Freely inspired by this great movie.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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