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Emergency Italian aid workers confession letter

Stories and News No. 148

Three Italian aid workers of Emergency organization were arrested by Afghan Secret Services.
A few hours later, this is the Times headline: Italians 'confess' to murder plot in Afghanistan.
The article is undoubtedly superficial and based on not explicitly clarified sources, but at least the British newspaper quotes the ‘confess’.
Instead in Italy the news was spread like a true scoop on almost all the newspapers.
Not as fast as the denial by the spokesman of the Afghan province where the murder should have be done.
That’s typical.
It’s a classic, nothing new.
The usual farce...

The Story:

I confess: I am guilty.
Because if you are those of the peace mission, it means that I am here to bring war.
It’s a matter of simple logic.
I'm your enemy and we are at war.
I admit it, that’s the difference between you and me.
I have to, I can do anything else.
I'm the one with his back against the wall, the man who has nothing to lose.
And when you have nothing to lose, to lie is useless.
We cannot stand on the same side, we didn’t go for the same reasons, and we didn’t start driven by common needs.
So, if you are the good one, I'm bad.
I’m the terrorist, the tough guy, the rotten apple, the black man.
The villain is essential, otherwise no one believes in fairy tales.
The bad must be bad, otherwise nobody will listen to fairy tales.
The bad characters cannot do right things, such as endangering their own lives to treat unknown individuals with the only condition of being human.
It would be unacceptable, the whole system would instantly collapse and readers, indeed, the audience would begin to suspiciously look at the protagonist, the hero without blemish and without fear, the good one.
You cannot afford it, because there is a script to follow, a screenplay made by serious professionals, moreover because someone has paid it all.
Who has invested money in such a project, in a so impressive production, requires that everything goes as planned.
He is able to do anything to ensure that nothing put a spoke in the wheel to the car he realized.
The show must go on and everyone must remain in the part that has been assigned or has individually chosen because that was the only one left.
So, if you have come to bring democracy I have to be the one who threats it.
I have no choice.
It was the last residual mask and I can only wear it if I don’t want to remain a mere spectator.
Forgive me, but this is the reason why I have to confess my guilt.
Because for people like me even to be accused of the worst crimes is better than staying among those who were watching.
They have now to decide where to stay…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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