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Greece crisis and laughs in Italy: here’s why

Stories and News No. 160

Many not Italian newspapers, dealing with the economic crisis in Greece, speak about the danger that Portugal, Spain and especially Italy live, as today Wall Street Journal, which indicates my country at serious risk of infection because it has a debt seven times the Greece one.
However, even since the serious financial Greek situation is on all media, we continue to hear from our government assurances and calls for optimism.
Maybe Berlusconi and C. know something we do not know...

The Story:

Once upon a time there were two peasants, one Greek and one Italian.
The two peasants, who lived side by side, had a field.
Both lived only of their own harvest and both had a wife and children.
One day a terrible drought struck on the two farms.
A field without water is destined to the end.
A peasant with no field doesn’t get a harvest.
And the children of a peasant without harvest have nothing to eat.
Now, you know how humans do.
They are diverse and everyone differently reacts to adversity.
The Greek was desperate, crying with rage and pain under the anxious eyes of his family.
In the same time, the Italian smiled and repeated to his wife and children: "Don’t worry. We will overcome the crisis because we tackled it better than others."
"The others?" The wife replied. "Do you mean the Greek?"
"Woman, don’t be demagogic," he silenced her. "Go back in the kitchen."
The days passed and the situation remained unchanged.
Every morning the Greek peasant left his bed, went out and discouraged swearing in front of the cloudless sky and the merciless sun.
Then he turned toward the near field and saw the Italian in the middle of his field with open arms and a broad smile, serene and exclaiming: "We will overcome the crisis because we tackled it better than others!"
Weeks passed, months too and finally Death arrived.
The black lady with the sharp sickle came down to earth and knocked on the door of the Greek.
He opened and showed no surprise seeing her on the threshold.
"Hello, Death," he said with a resigned tone, "I knew that sooner or later you would come to us. But one thing makes me happy: now my neighbor will stop laughing and boasting..."
Death took a look to the near field and watched for a fleeting moment the Italian peasant who always smiles and with open arms exclaimed: "We will overcome the crisis because we tackled it better than others."
"What neighbor?" The black lady asked.
"What neighbor?" The Greek cried. "The one you will take after me! If I fell in disgrace, let alone him. He has seven children and me just one…"
Death arched his left eyebrow and said: "One thing you're right. After you I will take a woman and seven children from next door; but no peasant."
The Greek was seized with a nervous breakdown, and indicating the Italian shouted: "Death, are you blind? Don’t’ you see him?!"
"What? Ah, you are talking about the scarecrow, with a tape recorder inside. The Italian peasant, the owner of the field, the man who must provide for his family escaped time ago…"

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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