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Happy Easter!?

Stories and News No. 143

April 2010.
Also this year I received the usual virtual postcards and greeting phrases of Happy Easter.
Someone is getting ready for lunch, because eating is still the most rewarding thing he has found in life.
There are those who confidently expected to break the chocolate egg and finally find the treasure: a new toy or a real leader for the opposition to Berlusconi.
Some people consult obsessively updates on the weather because Easter is mainly the trip of the day after.
But in Italy there are those who above all consider this moment a passage to new life.

The Story:

"Happy Easter?" the child was sent to hell thinks.
Who returns him his abused infancy?!
What new life, here today in the world can never give him back the pure dreams and wonderful fantasies that were essential at his age to bear the disappointments of maturity?
How can you look into his eyes and tell him to forgive those who mad him hate being born?
How might you ask him to continue listening to their inspired word?!

"Happy Easter?" the man who came from far away with nothing but his own future in the pocket thinks.
How can you claim to be on his side while being allied with those criminals?
How can you speak from every pulpit in defence of his rights and simultaneously urge people to vote those who trample on those rights every day?
How can you look into his eyes and tell him to wait for the new life when he risked everything to save the one he’s living now?

"Happy Easter?" the woman with two hearts in his chest thinks.
Who has more right than her to decide their own beat even if also the god you believe created us has left her the freedom to choose?
How can you raise a hand and show the right way to that mother when you use the other one to hide behind the violence that you inflicted on her children?
How can you meet her eyes and promise to defend all, I repeat, all her creature’s life until death naturally arrives?
Who can really keep this promise?
What human can so long?

Happy Easter?
Perhaps the silence, total silence, is the only right, honest and pious speech that you can do…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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