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Is Berlusconi Lodo Alfano Constitutional?

Stories and News No. 161

Apparently, the new Lodo Alfano - or the latest attempt to prevent Silvio Berlusconi to be processed - is ready.
Someone talks about a Constitutional Lodo Alfano.
What's constitutional in a decree that states that all citizens are not equal before the law?
In front of these fundamental principles we should see who is really an alternative to the abuses of our Premier…

The Story:

Here’s the real text of the Lodo Alfano Law:

1. The Prime Minister is untouchable.
2. The Prime Minister is always untouchable.
3. In the unlikely case that a judge had the evidence of his guilt, you will apply the Article 1. and 2.
4. The Prime Minister does not corrupt; he offers disinterested gifts.
5. The Prime Minister does not steal; he borrows forever.
6. The Prime Minister does not go with prostitutes; he saves them from the road.
7. The Prime Minister does not quarrel; the others do.
8. The Prime Minister does not lie; he just colors the truth.
9. The Prime Minister has never had relations with the Mafia; he only tries to better know the enemy to fight.
10. The Prime Minister is not familiar with minors, he educates them.
11. Who enters the office of the Prime Minister with his own ideas must come out with those of Prime Minister.
12. The Prime Minister thinks for all.
13. If you think like the Premier, you will have a long career in the Party.
14. The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister even in the toilet.

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