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Nuclear, Berlusconi and Putin in a history of sex

Stories and News No. 159

"Within three years we will start to work on building the first nuclear power plant in Italy."
This is the prediction (threat) made by Prime Minister Berlusconi at the meeting he had with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
Italy will have the support of Russia in this important project.
As in a previous post, also today I have the honor of interviewing the famous Italian-American psychotherapist and sexologist Lisa Pointgee.

The Story:

A: Dr. Pointgee, thanks again for the homage of your presence here.
L: You’re ever welcome.
A: First of all I tell you that your last sexual interpretation of the clash between Berlusconi and Italian President of Chamber of Deputies Fini has left me very puzzled...
L: You have not yet heard about the possible nuclear relationship between your Prime Minister and Putin.
A: Nuclear relationship...?
L: Yes, nuclear relationship. I explain immediately: we define as nuclear relationship that particular type of bond established between two helplessly males.
A: Excuse me: are you perhaps suggesting that Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin are helplessly? I totally disagree. I have a family...
L: Stay calm. First of all I said possible nuclear relationship. Second, I am a scientist, I rely on the facts and the facts tell me this.
A: Please describe those facts.
L: Look carefully at this snapshot of the two men:

L: You can see that Berlusconi and Putin have some common elements that underlie the nuclear relationship.
A: And what would they be?
L: They are low people, really little men; they are peeled, despite false new growth, both powerful and authoritarian. It’s a textbook platitude that short and bald cap men, with sexual impotence, develop an inferiority complex that must somehow compensate for publicly demonstrating personal manhood.
A: It's a classic.
L: Of course, depending on money possibilities, the low male manifests his attempts to compensate in different ways: the gun, the big car, the latest generation cell, the yachts, a great villa and so on.
A: Excuse me, among these there is also the Blog...?
L: No, there are other diseases behind it.
A: ...
L: Anyway, Berlusconi and Putin, being men of extraordinary power and wealth, need to incredibly balance their weak masculinity. Surely, the two subjects have shared their disability and that is where the nuclear relationship started.
A: Sorry, but why nuclear?
L: It's obvious. Watch this second picture:

L: The cooling exhaling steam towers offer metaphors that even a child may understand. My Russian colleague, Professor Eja Kulationov, sees them as two giant fuming testicles, striking proof of virility. How do you males say when you do the boasters? My balls are smoking. Don’t you?
A: Yeah…
L: However, I have other opinions. I think that the towers represent two steaming and boiling disproportionate penis in full erection: the greatest dream of every sexual impotent male, actually two. So we have the nuclear relationship.
A: How does the dreaded crash fit into this metaphor?
L: Well, you must start to worry.
A: Why?
L: Because a hot penis in full erection, if it’s satisfied, sooner or later explodes...

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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