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Purges, censorship and Berlusconi rewrites the Constitution

Stories and News No. 142

After the regional elections, the first promises are kept.
Obviously, they are not those to voters.
Here are renewal purges on TG1, implied censorships about the history of resistance, our history, and new bill on wiretapping.
That’s the new advancing or receding: it depends on your point of view.
Today, for the first time, Berlusconi will talk on Facebook.
Among other things, the premier will propose his new version of our Constitution

The Story:

Here are some new items:

ART. 1.
Italy is a Republic founded on love.
The sovereignty belongs to the People of freedom, which exercises it as they prefer.

ART. 2.
The Republic recognizes but does not guarantee the inalienable human rights, and requires the fulfilment of the mandatory duties of political solidarity, economic and social to our prime minister.

ART. 3.
All citizens have equal social status but are not equal before the law, regardless of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions and especially income.
The Republic has the right to ignore the economic and social barriers, which constrain the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and business of the country.

ART. 4.
Republic recognizes to all citizens the right to a precarious job and promotes the precarious conditions that render effective this right.
Every citizen has a duty to perform according to their ability and individual choice, activity or function that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of the company Fininvest.

ART. 7.
The State and the Catholic Church are not independent and sovereign.

ART. 8.
All Catholic confessions are equally free before the law.

ART. 9.
The Republic discourages the development of culture and scientific and technical research.

ART. 11.
Italy favours war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes hampers, on an equal footing with other states, the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice between nations, and contrasts formal international organizations having such ends.

ART. 13.
Personal freedom is breakable.

ART. 14.
The home is breakable.

ART. 16.
Every citizen cannot move and reside freely anywhere in the country. Each restriction can be made for political reasons.

ART. 17.
Citizens have the right to assemble peacefully or not with weapons.

ART. 21.
Nobody has the right to freely express their thoughts in speech, writing, and all other means of dissemination.
The press may be subject to authorization or censorship.

ART. 34.
The school is open to all Aryans.

ART. 101.
Justice is administered on behalf of the People of freedom.
Judges are subject only to the law of the premier.

Come on, it's a lie, it's an April fool's joke.
If it were really so, we would be in a very bad situation…

The News: Berlusconi is on Facebook.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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