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Israeli killed 16 Freedom Flotilla activists: am I anti-Semitic if I disapprove?

Stories and News No. 183 All the newspapers in the world are telling the news that about 16 people died under the bullets of Israeli soldiers who intercepted a ship, the Blue Marmara Ship (Marmara Mavi Gemisi) belonging to the Freedom flotilla made up by some international NGOs under the leadership of the Free Gaza Movement . Aboard these ships there are activists and humanitarian workers from all over the world, parliamentarians, UN officials, journalists, etc. This is not the first time that the Free Gaza Movement organize these trips (the debut there was in August 2008 ) to bring medicines, food and any type of support to the victims, I repeat again, the victims of this occupation. Because that one is an occupation. Think that those troublemakers of United Nations called a crime against humanity . What will happen now? The worst consequence is terrible and I don’t wants to mention. The best we can practically and cynically expect - never corresponding to a fair and honest hope -

Top Kill stops BP oil spill: does it stop fascist spill too?

Stories and News No. 182 " They say I have power, but I have not. Maybe my hierarchs have, but not me. I can only decide to get my horse to the right or left, but nothing else. " These words were uttered yesterday by Silvio Berlusconi, which he attributed them to Benito Mussolini. Now, aside from the fact that according to me, also the horse broke its balls and who is taking him back is Emilio Fede, I think that this latest grotesque speech to the international audience of our Prime Minister completes the puzzle.. It is a disturbing picture. We joke, but here the situation is becoming more serious day by day. Therefore, forgive me if I disguised my feelings with irony and zany inventions but I never found a better way to convey what passes in my belly… The Story: Letter to the Government of the United States of America. Dear Obama, first of all I want to express my sympathy to you and especially to your fellow citizens who have been affected by the terrible misfortune of

Abolition of 10 Italian provinces? No, a joke to Bossi

Stories and News No. 181 Today I propose you three weights and three measures. Indeed, three weights and two measures, since only one is different. If Elio Germano , accepting the award for best actor at Cannes, dedicated it to Italy and Italians who do everything to make the best Italy, despite their leaders , he receives criticism from the government in the person of Minister for Arts and Cultural Activities Sandro Bondi: " I was disappointed... he was inappropriate. " If Daniele De Rossi , Roma and the Italian National Team footballer, expressing his opinion on the fan’s card says: " The ultras are a positive part of the football stadium. Who goes there with the knife is not a soccer hooligan but a disturbed person like is a cop who kicks an innocent kid, while nobody protests. Then we should create the cop’s card... ", here comes the timely disapproval by Minister Roberto Maroni: " I do not agree what De Rossi says. He’s not an ordinary person, he is a Nat

Berlusconi and Tremonti quarrel on taxes? No, sex story

Stories and News No. 180 But really is there someone in Italy who believes that Berlusconi was contrary to Minister Tremonti taxes increase? I am serious. Does anyone think that an irritated Berlusconi said to Tremonti: Giulio, but you are going to increase the taxes... ?! No, because if so, it means that someone is even crazier than people among the Germans who sent the Nazis to the government. Well, because at least those wretches persons can say they could not predict everything that Hitler subsequently combined. But those who voted and continues to believe to the words of our Prime Minister should be early interned. For this reason, after listening to his fascinating theories about the alleged sex stories between Silvio and Fini , Putin , ex Minister Scajola and Massimo Ciancimino ... - no, not him, I can only ask a comment by the famous American sexologist Lisa Pointgee , that on my advice also created his personal Blog ... The Story: A: Dr. Pointgee, I saw with pleasure that,

Sacrifices plan? First parliamentary salary

Stories and News No. 179 I know and I state that this is a trite post. However, I believe that in my country we are so used to the injustices that it became normal, obvious. In other words, trite. So, why we all sixty million don’t agree on what is trite? All the newspapers announced that Berlusconi government, following other countries, is preparing to implement a plan of cuts and sacrifices very hard. President Napolitano calls for equitable sacrifices, made with sense of responsibility. I think he’s right. I want to comment how politicians do when the president speaks: "Napolitano as always showed great sense of State and high moral quality." I share his words, and since we must make sacrifices, I ask the opinion of our fellow citizen, who lives on a salary - to its minimum - on average ranges from 270 to 590 euros per month... The Story: My name is Paul and I am fifty years old. I am farm worker and for my job I receive 590 euros per month. I'm not complaining. I&#

Elio Germano from Cannes: Italians better than politicians

Stories and News No. 178 " Since our leaders always complain that the filmmakers speak ill of their country, I dedicate this award to Italy and the Italians who do everything to make the best for Italy, despite their leaders. " With these words yesterday Elio Germano received the award for best actor at Cannes, ex aequo with Javier Bardem. The fearless Augusto Minzolini and his heroic Tg1 (Italian most important tv news) have cut the message under a technical hitch, but now it’s a classic and doesn’t merit even half post. The most interesting thing is the comment by Germano. His viewpoint is hard. In essence, the just celebrated actor argues that our politicians don’t work to improve the country but rather hinder the people who do. Do you think it is possible? The Story: It’s not possible... Italy is a founding member of European Union and participated in all the main treaties of unification of the continent, including the entry in the Euro zone in 1999. Furthermore, it

Berlusconi isolated case of rotten fruits

Stories and News No. 177 There is always a first time for everybody: today I want to recognize that Berlusconi is coherent in a thing. When he applies his proverbial strategy of accusing someone and next day amending, he doesn’t distinguish between enemies and allies. Admittedly, in this is a consistent person. I'm talking of course of the following sentence, present in all Italian press, about the recent corruption investigations: " These are personal and isolated cases... " He made this statement answering to a request by Bruno Vespa , the famous Italian journalist - known in Italy and worldwide for his ‘intellectual honesty’… - who asked an opinion on the allegations received by PdL colleagues Verdini and Scajola. While they surely have not liked it, a few hours later the timely clarification / correction by the premier arrives: “I did not refer to them…” It’s now a classic of Berlusconi’s repertoire, an author that when there will be no more here many will miss him…

10 million for Annozero: worse Santoro or Rai?

Stories and News No. 176 Among the topics discussed today by Italian bloggers is certainly the alleged compensation of 10 million euros that journalist Michele Santoro should get to finish his contract with RAI . I say alleged because, as Santoro says in a message on the talk show web site, the agreement has not yet been signed and I believe we must give final opinions only after this. Nevertheless, you know, my country is a land of fans and spectators. Someone, the founder of Gogol , has understood better than anyone in Italy. And so the italic web is mainly divided between citizens outraged by the sold paladin and stoically loyal friends of their hero, no ifs or buts. Yet, I have a Hamlet-like question: Who is most contradictory? The brave Santoro who get the money or the bankruptcy Rai that gives him, to close his talk show which (thanks to sponsors and advertisements) in recent years made earn much more than ten million? The Story: Once upon a time there was a football tea

2001 G8 Genoa summit condemned police: job offers

Stories and News No. 175 Life is not fair and who has lived enough perfectly knows. However, sometimes I see something unusual, even in our country. It so happens that the perpetrators of the violence suffered by many young people on the Diaz school, in July 2001 during the G8 summit in Genoa , have some names. Not all, some, but in these days is a lot. Francesco Gratteri was sentenced to four years. Vincenzo Canterini to five. Giovanni Luperi to four years. Spartaco Mortola to three years and eight months. Gilberto Caldarozzi three years and eight months. Are they actually guilty? Are they the only people that have to pay or maybe there is still someone else? I don’t know, I don’t certainly have any right to judge. Nevertheless I want to stay on the positive and I advice Berlusconi government to do the same. It’s true that this ruling opens once again a dark spot at the very least discussed management of the 2001 summit, but these sentences free prominent job positions that this

Wiretapping bill gag law: Dear Mafia, could I control your phone?

Stories and News No. 174 I have ever been convinced that the real power of Berlusconi's government on the one hand lies in its ability in communicate itself to the people - with the advantage of television monopoly, of course - and on other in never effective critics by opponents. For example, think about the wiretapping bill devised by the brilliant mind of the Italy Justice minister Angelino Alfano . Yesterday in Senate the committee has approved a picturesque amendment to the decree is called gag law ( legge bavaglio ) by its detractors. In summary, the amendment provides this: to capture a phone call there must be serious evidence of crime; the wiretapping are possible for suspected users that, based on specific acts of investigation, are aware of the facts for being prosecuted . The wiretapping must be absolutely essential to the continuation of the surveys and visual footage must be made in places that belong to suspects, always based on specific acts of investigation, who

Two Italian soldiers killed: thanks guys!?

Stories and News No. 173 I don’t want to write a polemical post. However, reading about the end of two more young lives among the Italian troops in Afghanistan I have to remind this video: The title is thanks guys (grazie ragazzi). It has a certain effect watching it today, isn’t it? Someone might consider it inappropriate and others could find it right. Yet in Afghanistan, as in Iraq and many other parts of the world blessed by the humanitarian interventions of foreign benefactors, this sometimes happens: people die . Thanks guys, the video above says. It’s fair that also the families who have been robbed of their loved ones know who to thank... The Story: The first gratitude goes to the United States of America , to the Bush administration that started the vital peace invasion and to Obama , democratic to withdraw from Iraq but not enough to leave Afghanistan: thanks guys … The second is obviously for the Italian center-right and center-left politicians, which, no ifs and but

Berlusconi victim of Mafia: history of sex?

Stories and News No. 172 It has become normal. As Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the Haiti earthquake, as the cases of sexual scandals in the Catholic Church and the nth fool on Italy that people like Minister Bondi give to the world. We talks about a day, two and then all are devoured by the monster called habituation. It seems that last night Massimo, son of Vito Ciancimino , has said on Italian TV: “ We should not say that Berlusconi is mafia, rather that someone is holding the balls of Berlusconi. This man is Dell'Utri . ” On the daily news, where it’s present, that gains a paragraph at the bottom of the page. The word association Mafia-Berlusconi isn’t anymore trendy from the perspective of marketing. And what is and always will be cool in Italy more than anything else? What strikes even more than soccer in the interests of the Italian people? For this reason, I‘m obliged to call the famous sexologist Italian-American Lisa Pointgee , already hosted here regarding alleged sexu

Anemone list secret names

Stories and News No. 171 Today we may read on some newspapers the names of VIPs appeared on the famous list Anemone. VIP, aka Very Important Person . Perhaps we should replace important with illegal . However, I don’t want to seem a justicialist man. The law must do its job, we'll see. Who failed must pay; there is no doubt about this. The question is whether someone will pay. Otherwise, more appropriate than illegal - if you let me pass this English neologism – I propose impunit ... The Story: P. L. Peter (Peg-Leg Pete, known thief) rebuilding manhole for sudden leaks. Geertruida Margaretha Zelle (Mata Hari, a dancer and spy): design shutters with louvers for special hardened spies. Count Vlad III the Impaler (aka Dracula, noble Romanian): crypt floor. Ernst Stavro B. (Blofeld, James Bond's rival) restructuring headquarters of SPECTRE Jack T. R. (aka The Ripper): development barber shop. K. K. (King Kong, the famous gorilla obsessed with blondes) climbing skyscraper design