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10 million for Annozero: worse Santoro or Rai?

Stories and News No. 176

Among the topics discussed today by Italian bloggers is certainly the alleged compensation of 10 million euros that journalist Michele Santoro should get to finish his contract with RAI.
I say alleged because, as Santoro says in a message on the talk show web site, the agreement has not yet been signed and I believe we must give final opinions only after this.
Nevertheless, you know, my country is a land of fans and spectators.
Someone, the founder of Gogol, has understood better than anyone in Italy.
And so the italic web is mainly divided between citizens outraged by the sold paladin and stoically loyal friends of their hero, no ifs or buts.
Yet, I have a Hamlet-like question: Who is most contradictory? The brave Santoro who get the money or the bankruptcy Rai that gives him, to close his talk show which (thanks to sponsors and advertisements) in recent years made earn much more than ten million?

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a football team named Real Rai.
The football team Real Rai had a Director that we can call Mauro Masi.
The Director Mauro Masi takes his decisions with the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors was formed by a majority and a minority.
Majority and minority, as has always been, arguing about everything and never could agree.
Moreover, the team was certainly not in a good time.
The ranking was very bad, since Real Rai had finished the tournament one step away from the relegation zone.
Besides many allegations that someone in the company favored the rival - Atletico Mediaset, arrived, which that year had won both derbies.
The dramatic event happened when after the championship ended in a sensational news appeared on front the page of all the sports papers: the goal striker Michele Santoro, the champ, the player that had led most of the few revenue to the company, would have been sold.
I correct myself: sold is not the right word.
Real Rai would have given itself ten million euros to Santoro to cut the contract.
Absurd, isn’t it?
As if Barcelona decided to give the same amount to Lionel Messi to fire him…
While the historical groups of fans of Atletico Mediaset - the Promoters of Freedom - rejoiced at the news, supporters and especially the subscribers of Real Rai were very angry.
"What a fuck," one of the major sports journalists in the country, renowned fan of Real Rai, said, "my team give Santoro ten million to go away and we continue to make rich that duffer Bruno Vespa? As a goalkeeper he takes more goals than my blind grandmother…"
Nevertheless, director, majority and minority, were agree.
What did Real Rai gain by this business?
Nobody was able to answer this question.
Except maybe Atletico Mediaset and its president Berlusconi…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Our son was born, Saturday June 5 2010, Storytelling in Rome.

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