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Abolition of 10 Italian provinces? No, a joke to Bossi

Stories and News No. 181

Today I propose you three weights and three measures.
Indeed, three weights and two measures, since only one is different.
If Elio Germano, accepting the award for best actor at Cannes, dedicated it to Italy and Italians who do everything to make the best Italy, despite their leaders, he receives criticism from the government in the person of Minister for Arts and Cultural Activities Sandro Bondi: "I was disappointed... he was inappropriate."
If Daniele De Rossi, Roma and the Italian National Team footballer, expressing his opinion on the fan’s card says: "The ultras are a positive part of the football stadium. Who goes there with the knife is not a soccer hooligan but a disturbed person like is a cop who kicks an innocent kid, while nobody protests. Then we should create the cop’s card... ", here comes the timely disapproval by Minister Roberto Maroni: "I do not agree what De Rossi says. He’s not an ordinary person, he is a National soccer player and should not send negative messages. We try to send positive messages..."
If Umberto Bossi, Minister for Reforms to federalism, dealing with the possible abolition of ten Italian provinces with fewer than 220,000 inhabitants, screams: "If they touch Bergamo we start civil war," what happens?
Is there criticism? Yellow card? Any disapproval?
Indeed, the proposed abolition of the provinces disappears from the site of the Ministry of Economy and Minister Giulio Tremonti quick denies it as false news.
It’s better to write stories…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a country we can call even Italy, but is not essential.
So all understand what it is.
In the country I can call Italy but is not required there were two wags, dedicated since childhood to make jokes: Silvio and Giulio.
Both had great careers.
One became Prime Minister and the other Minister of Economy, probably the biggest hoax in the history of their country, whose name I don’t say because, as explained at the beginning, is not indispensable.
According to the law of the joke, a mockery - to be effective - needs a victim, of a target to rage on.
The ideal person is someone who impulsive reacts and possibly angry.
Silvio and Giulio found Umberto.
Even the latter had managed to reach high goals.
He became Minister too.
If any of you knew him would say that his success is an even bigger joke than the other two...
I said, Silvio and Giulio had targeted him and perfectly understood what key to press on.
One day Silvio said in a press conference: "Barbarossa was an overrated character..."
A few hours later Umberto said: "If someone tarnishes the brave Barbarossa we go at Arcore to make a mess!"
The next day National TV Rai started to produce a film about Barbarossa.
Another day Giulio called the reporters and said: "A Talk show in Rai by Padania journalists? It would be a resounding flop."
Umberto's reaction was not long coming: "If he insults our reporters we go Giulio’s home to fire it!"
The next day it was announced a new entry into the Rai Programs schedule of a Padania talk show.
Another day on the website of the Ministry of Economy the news about abolition provinces, that you know, appeared.
As the Umberto’s reaction and Giulio’s change are also known.
I guess now someone will stand up asking: where is the joke of Silvio and Giulio if Umberto gets angry and obtains everything he wants?
Well, it means that Umberto is not the real victim…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Our son was born, Saturday June 5 2010, Storytelling in Rome.

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