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Berlusconi and Tremonti quarrel on taxes? No, sex story

Stories and News No. 180

But really is there someone in Italy who believes that Berlusconi was contrary to Minister Tremonti taxes increase?
I am serious.
Does anyone think that an irritated Berlusconi said to Tremonti: Giulio, but you are going to increase the taxes...?!
No, because if so, it means that someone is even crazier than people among the Germans who sent the Nazis to the government.
Well, because at least those wretches persons can say they could not predict everything that Hitler subsequently combined.
But those who voted and continues to believe to the words of our Prime Minister should be early interned.
For this reason, after listening to his fascinating theories about the alleged sex stories between Silvio and Fini, Putin, ex Minister Scajola and Massimo Ciancimino... - no, not him, I can only ask a comment by the famous American sexologist Lisa Pointgee, that on my advice also created his personal Blog...

The Story:

A: Dr. Pointgee, I saw with pleasure that, on my advice, you created a Blog.
L: Yes, I confirm.
A: Thank too to call me your friend. Now can I call you just Lisa?
L: Relax, don’t exaggerate. As we sexologists say, we give you a nipple and you grab both our tits...
A: I never heard of...
L: Are you a sexologist?
A: No...
L: Exactly. What do we want to talk about today?
A: Well, since you always follow our politics, let me know your opinion on the alleged dispute between Berlusconi and Tremonti around their recent economic measures with sacrifices very hard. Do you think that among the two there has really been a quarrel?
L: Oh, I am pleased to get this request. Between Berlusconi and Tremonti there is no dispute, but a dynamic undoubtedly of a sexual nature.
A: No... really?
L: Yes. This staging pantomime on villain Tremonti who wants to tax the Italians and the good Berlusconi who disapproves is clearly a textbook case.
A: What case?
L: The so-called Anal Measures, which arguably requires hard sacrifices. The Latin definition is Analysis Penetratio Ipocritus.
A: What is that?
L: It means the hypocrite of anal penetration.
A: Would that mean that the sexual dynamic that lies behind the dispute occurs in anal relation?
L: Definitely.
A: Let's see if I understand: Tremonti is the active subject and Berlusconi, the hypocrite, rejected the measures but in reality he wishes it?
L: No.
A: Then Tremonti is the passive subject and Berlusconi, always hypocrite, pretends to be passive and instead he’s active?
L: No.
A: Tremonti is the hypocrite?
L: No, you are completely off the road.
A: Please explain, because I'm confused ...
L: You’re wrong. You should be very anxious, not confused.
A: Why?
L: Simple. In this Anal Measures Tremonti and Berlusconi are both the hypocrites and active subjects.
A: Who is the passive one?
L: You and all your fellow citizens…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Our son was born, Saturday June 5 2010, Storytelling in Rome.

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