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Berlusconi victim of Mafia: history of sex?

Stories and News No. 172

It has become normal.
As Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the Haiti earthquake, as the cases of sexual scandals in the Catholic Church and the nth fool on Italy that people like Minister Bondi give to the world.
We talks about a day, two and then all are devoured by the monster called habituation.
It seems that last night Massimo, son of Vito Ciancimino, has said on Italian TV: “We should not say that Berlusconi is mafia, rather that someone is holding the balls of Berlusconi. This man is Dell'Utri.
On the daily news, where it’s present, that gains a paragraph at the bottom of the page.
The word association Mafia-Berlusconi isn’t anymore trendy from the perspective of marketing.
And what is and always will be cool in Italy more than anything else? What strikes even more than soccer in the interests of the Italian people? For this reason, I‘m obliged to call the famous sexologist Italian-American Lisa Pointgee, already hosted here regarding alleged sexual relations between Silvio and Fini, Putin and Scajola.

The Story:

A: Dr. Pointgee, good morning! I had to invite you, today.
L: Why?
A: Well, it seems obvious. Did you hear the words of Ciancimino Jr. about Berlusconi and Dell'Utri?
L: Yes, I heard.
A: Well, knowing her, you will surely say definitely that the between them there is a story of sex…
L: No, no story of sex between Berlusconi and Dell'Utri.
A: What? With Fini, Putin and Scajola yes and with Dell'Utri that touches his balls no?
L: No, I don’t see any sexual implication in that.
A: Excuse me, but I am puzzled and stunned. Besides, you always manage to surprise me. What are you gonna do tonight?
L: What...?
A: No, sorry, I’m joking. I said that I am struck. I would have expected by you a genital relationship between Italian Prime Minister and Dell'Utri ...
L: Genital relationship? No. I told you that Eros is not involved in that.
A: Are you sure?
L: Of course. I recall you that I am an expert in the field.
A: Well, so far you saw sex everywhere, and now we have a close hand on his testicles…
L: Yes, I understand what you mean. Undoubtedly we would have all the elements, but in this case are quite sure that sex is not involved.
A: I don’t understand how you can be so convinced. You saw sex even in nuclear agreements between Berlusconi and Putin and now that a hand touches his balls you don’t find anything?
L: If it is true...
A: What?
L: I said if it is literally true what Massimo Ciancimino said, which I highly doubt.
A: What do you mean with literally?
L: Listen, I think is evident that Ciancimino’s statement is a metaphor.
A: Really?
L: It's clear that when the son of Don Vito says that Dell'Utri keeps Berlusconi’s balls in his hand intends that he controls Silvio, he commands him. That would mean that the government of your country since fifteen years is owned by the Mafia.
This seems more credible than a history of sex between them…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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