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From Greece Peoples of Europe rise up

Stories and News No. 164

Today in Greece a great 48 hours strike begins to protest against the austerity plan implemented by Papandreou government.
Concurrently, here is a fact which I think is particularly symbolic: the communist trade union Pame, the All-Workers Militant Front - close to the Communist Party of Greece - has occupied the Acropolis and some protesters hoisted a banner which says: "Peoples of Europe rise up."
Oh, how I love this phrase.
Do you know why? You could say that’s because of the rise up, because this verb stimulates my perennially boiling rebel mind.
But what I appreciate most is someone who speaks of the Peoples of Europe and not always States, Governments and especially Banks…

The Story:

Peoples of Europe rise up!

Peoples of Europe shut the TV and rise up from those graves disguised as chairs…
Because you are Europe.
You are Italy, Greece, Germany, France and all the other countries.
They are just those who have patented the name.
They are just those who understood how to use it first.
They are just who will run away first when the ship will sink.

Peoples of Europe turn off the engine that chained you one behind the other and rise up from those prisons disguised as cars…
Because you are the every day walking, working and fighting Europe.
You are the engine, not that under the hood.
They are traveling, not you.
They decide the speed, not you.
They arrive at the finish, never you.

Peoples of Europe pull that damn phone from ear, crash it in a thousand pieces and rise up from that slavery disguised as freedom…
Because you are the ones who have to talk each other, face to face, everywhere.
You should be intercepted; you should be those who say the words able to bring down the house of trick cards they have built around you.
They have never had anything interesting to say.
They never needed to tell you the truth.
They are just a good bluff.

Peoples of Europe, at least for now, turn off also this computer and rise up.
Leave home, go to the streets and squares, and not because someone has invited you to do from Facebook…
Because those streets and squares are yours.
You are the ones that have built them.
You are the ones that daily pay their price.
They are only the ones that have stolen them...

PS: Now someone will say that I am a communist…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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  1. Goodmorning from Athens, Greece.
    Rise up people! All over the world! Do not let them to steal your life! Do not let them steal the life of your children!


  3. Capitalists will own you.

  4. Love the banner. Rise up and start working you lazy greeks!

  5. Well. for the last friend who posted:
    According to Eurostat (2009 statistics), Greeks are working 42 hours per week full employment (40 hours average in eurozone). In the second place we find Czechs (41,6 hours), then Austrians (41,5), then Polish (41,1), Malteses (41,1), British and Germans (40,8) and the others follow. In part time jobs, Greeks seem to work 6 hours per week, but what really happens is that part time workers are not registered at many cases and, when they are registered, the bosses do not register them for the hours they really work (in Greece we call τηατ σαλλαρυ "black money": Bosses save taxes from that). I can assure you that in the years to come we will break our paneuropean record (unless Greek people strikes back, which I hope that will happen). But be prepared: Maybe bosses will call you to break the greek record and get less money...

  6. "Love the banner. Rise up and start working you lazy greeks!"

    I have my own job In Greece,crete and i have to work 15 hours a day 7 days a week for 90 euros everyday!Do you like it?Don't forget that afer i have to pay my bills electricity rent of the shop e.t.c.
    I think politicians are looking and they are lazy and they playing bad games for us,so we looking bad to europe,but we are the same!

  7. Greeks are working 42 hours per week full employment ?... BUT aren't they taking retirement at the early age of 53 ? (in Germany age 65)

  8. support from croatia.rise up

  9. No, Greeks do not retire at 53 (it was at 55 for the really heavy proffessions, the unhealthy ones etc.). Ah, if you refer to the army, yes, you can retire at 45-50 or higher (if you want to have a great career...). If you are a worker and you retire earlier, you only get a part of the pension, so very few do so. A question for you; due to the technological progress, don't you think that people could and should retire earlier, in order to enjoy their old age?
    What happened today in Athens (3 people killed) is a pure provocation. It was the greatest demonstration for the last 20-25 years. Government diecided to terrify people with that trick. It has happened in the past, it happens again. It is the "socialist" government which is behind that, no matter what you will hear from the mass media.
    Solidaity to Croatia and all the Balkan Peoples. Rise Up!


  11. Yes, Rise Up Peoples of Europe AND the world!

    Save the planet!

    Say NO to the greedy international corporations that are enslaving people to unnecessary technology.

    You don't need it!

    The great roller-coaster has got to stop!

    The only ones who really want it are the fat cats who are selling all the rubbish and getting richer and richer!


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