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Agreement Pomigliano Fiat yes wins. Marchionne would vote no to mine

Stories and News No. 200

There are many ways to share news.
One is Pomigliano says yes to Marchionne.
Another is Pomigliano says yes to the Fiat plan, but the meaning is the same.
Another, trying to watch a classic half full glass, is No plebiscite in Pomigliano.
You could also say that the referendum result is not about a more or less unanimous victory for the yes, but rather the consequence of a old strategy: divide et impera.
Indeed, divide and fuck.
But it would be a too free statement for a newspaper that lives with governments funding.
Maybe that’s the reason why I found so difficult to find the agreement text on national press.
Anyway, I thought of proposing an agreement too.
Divide et impera plan doesn’t work only with workers…

The Story:

Get twenty managers.
For example, take the twenty highest-paid manager in Italy:
1° Carlo Puri Negri (Executive Vice President of Pirelli Re): € 14,000,000
2° Claudio De Conto (CEO of Pirelli): € 7,337,000
3 ° Marco Tronchetti Provera (Chairman of Pirelli): € 5,664,000
4° Luca Cordero di Montezemolo: € 5,177,000
5° Sergio Marchionne (CEO of Fiat): € 4,782,400
6° Pier Francesco Guarguaglini (President and CEO of Finmeccanica): € 4,712,000
7° Alessandro Profumo (Unicredit CEO): € 4,324,000
8° Paolo Scaroni (CEO of Eni): € 4,272,000
9° Corrado Passera (Managing Director of Intesa Sanpaolo): € 3,811,000
10° Fedele Confalonieri (President of Mediaset): € 3,520,000
11° Cesare Geronzi (President of Mediobanca): € 3,306,000
12° Giuliano Adreani (Managing Director of Mediaset): € 3,080,000
13° Fulvio Conti (Enel CEO): € 2,620,794
14° Alberto Nagel (Managing Director of Mediobanca): € 2,564,000
15° Umberto Quadrino (CEO of Enel): € 2,507,000
16° Antonio Vigni (Director General of MPS): € 1,955,000
17° Francesco Gori (General Manager of Pirelli): € 1,859,000
18° Giovanni Castellucci (CEO of Atlantia): € 1,826,000
19° Giuliano Zuccoli (President management of A2A): € 1,718,000
20° Dieter Rampl (President of Unicredit): € 1,599,000

Then - of course, having the authority - propose them the following agreement:

Dear managers,
do you want to save your paycheck?
Then vote yes.
In this case only those of you called Sergio Marchionne will be dismissed.
Otherwise, you are all dismissed.

Result: 19 yes and 1 no.
The yes won, but there was no plebiscite, though.
Who knows why…?