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Anti rape axe condom with teeth? I created anti-sodomize underpants

Stories and News No. 201

Who is Sonnet Ehlers?
And what she did?
She invented the Rape-aXe, the Anti-rape condom with teeth, here's what she did.
Who is Neil Van Schalkwyk?
He’s the inventor of vuvuzelas, and apologizes for his creation, but admits to be getting rich.
I have always admired the inventors.
They are a little bit like the writers: they pull something out that was not there before and that changes people's lives.
For better or for worse, I leave you to judge.
I also invented something that I hope you will find interesting.
I am sure that in country like Italy would be very useful…

The Story:

It’s time to defend ourselves!
It's absurd that today citizens of a country like Italy are still victims of buggering. When will they be able to defend themselves? When will we worry about their violated behinds? Never, it seems to be! It seems there is always a most important issue to be addressed in parliament.
I know that.
The most buggers are there!
Eyes filled with tears and extreme vulnerability of the victims of sodomizing, that’s what inspired the invention that I am going to propose.
I’m talking about the Pomigliano workers forced to choose between a buggering yes and a buggering no.
Whatever will happen it will be a buggering seems to be the motto.
So are the unemployed, redundancy and the insecure people, and the idiots who persist in paying the taxes for everybody in Italy.
They all seem to say: "If I had some protection back there!"
Here's the solution:

The anti-sodomize underpants

The anti-sodomize underpants are essential in Italy today.
Although appearing as regular underpants, it contains a light, thin but puncture lead foil.
That will be precious in the case of particularly violent and sudden buggering.
However, the real surprise is during the abusive slipping.
Let’s figure that someone wants to sodomize you without permission.
It doesn’t matter who he is.
A prime minister, a minister or economy of federalism, whoever the aggressor is, my underpants doesn’t make any difference.
Does the bad guy take your underpants without your awareness?
You don’t move.
By the way, you never move…
Once he removed your underpants, amid the bare buttocks, the helpless anus appears.
However, stay calm.
That anus is not yours, but an artificial rectum with an antitheft.
The penis is blocked, and a siren produced by the union of 400 vuvuzelas will start.
Then I want to see how he will justify that.
Do you think mine is a joke?