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Berlusconi says no civil protection in Abruzzo

Stories and News No. 190

"I told the Civil Protection not to go for now in Abruzzo because it could be that if one has a relative who died under the rubble and has a fragile mind maybe he could shoot..."
Yesterday Berlusconi, during his meeting with Federalberghi, has said many things, as usual, but this particularly strikes me.
The fact is that I immediately imagined that person.
I wondered what it would mean to me to have a fragile mind.
Maybe I do and I don’t know to have it.
So I identified with him, having some family members who died under the ruins.
What I'd do coming to know all the crap behind who governs and especially those paid for taking care of my life?

The Story:

Dear Silvio Berlusconi,
My name is Mario and I write from Onna.
My wife is dead under the rubble.
So I'm a widower.
Even my daughter died with her, but I don’t know how to call someone who has not only lost the companion of a lifetime but also the fruit of it.
I have a fragile mind, I always had.
My wife often told me, but I didn’t give it great importance.
I thought it was normal.
I never felt to be different to many Italians.
Too many
Only now I realize how fragile it was.
Only now, looking at what is happening to my country, I realize the weakness of my brain.
Perhaps what happened made it even more delicate.
Indeed, no perhaps.
That makes me even more dangerous for you, not for what you think, but I explain later.
How I wish I had a strong and resolute mind as yours, dear President.
Who knows?
Maybe now my family would be still here.
Maybe I would also have entered politics and, although separate from me, my wife would still be alive, as my sweet little girl.
That’s an old story.
The weak minds can only envy the strong ones.
Of course, here in Abruzzo many have lost their lives or loved ones, but we can’t say they’re all fragile minds.
The earthquake, when it hits, doesn’t make these distinctions.
Nevertheless, you consider dangerous people like me.
Maybe you’re right.
However, it isn’t just the more or less fragility of our minds that might enable us to insane gestures.
Rage and pain that grow beyond all limits can be enough.
However, I am here to reassure you.
Send who you want in Abruzzo.
Come back yourself.
Don’t worry.
We don’t shoot.
Because we respect the law.
Because we are honest people.
And because we are all tired of being regarded as the fragile mind.
For this reason, in Abruzzo and throughout the rest of Italy the day when everyone will no more believe to your bullshits is coming…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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