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Brancher legitimate impediment: another slap to suffering people

Stories and News No. 202

In my country many things happen today…
It happens that a man named Aldo Brancher is investigated for handling stolen goods.
It happens that, after Bancopoli scandal in July 2005, Brancher is investigated for receiving stolen goods because the prosecutor has identified an account belonging to his wife with a gain of 300 thousand euros in two years.
On June 18, after five years, it happens that Berlusconi makes this man Minister for the Implementation of Administrative and Fiscal Federalism.
Then, it happens that on June 26 the judges will wait for him.
It happens that Brancher says he will not occur because he has to organize his recent new ministry.
And it happens that he can do thanks to the legitimate impediment law, approved this year.
But in Italy it doesn’t happen just that...

The Story:

In my country it also happens that in the province of Caserta a 44 years old man, unemployed and separated from his wife, surrenders to despair and shots in the stomach.

It happens that in the province of Pordenone an immigrant worker aged 55, unemployed and with a seriously ill wife, commits suicide with a knife.

It happens that in Milan an unemployed 37 year old man loses his head and with an ax attempts to break through the front door of the woman who left him.

It happens that in Catania a young uncensored 19 year old guy commits suicide in prison, even if the mother does not believe it and probably does well.

It happens that in the province of Bari a 17 years old boy goes under a train because he failed at school.

It happens that in Parma a 66 years old man fire a shot to his heart due to serious health problems of his family.

It happens that the 32° suicide in prison in 2010 is a mob boss and therefore it does not count.

It happens that in Palermo a 61 years old man suicides himself and his nonagenarian mother for health problems.

It happens that in Genoa a 41 years old woman jumps from her window after the arrival of the bailiff with the sentence of eviction.

It happens that a boy from Agrigento kills himself leaving a message on a forum asking: “If I am graduated, why am I unemployed?
Yeah. Why?
And why in my country, only in June, does it happen that so many people commit suicide for despair and others continue to bypass and trample our laws?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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