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Fini Schifani clash on wiretapping bill? Sex story

Stories and News No. 184

"I have doubts on the text discussed in the Senate, Parliament should again reflect on it…" President Fini said commenting on the much-debated bill on wiretapping.
"I don’t give opinions on his work..." piqued President Schifani replied.
I want to immerse myself in the PDL Berluscones: "That rascal Fini…"
In other words: "Son of a b…."
How is it possible? Listening to Berlusconi’s Newspaper Il Giornale, even the Democratic Party had softened with the voice of the chairman of the Senate Angela Finocchiaro: "It’s better not to priory close possible areas of dialogue…"
Why is Fini so hostile?
What's really behind it?
I sought the opinion of the distinguished American sexologist Lisa Pointgee, now a permanent guest on my Blog.

The Story:

A: Dr. Pointgee, good morning and welcome once again on these screens!
L: What...?
A: No, um… sorry. How… how are you?
L: I’m fine.
A: Did you hear about the recent clash between the Italian Senate’s President Renato Schifani and the Chamber of Deputies’ one Gianfranco Fini?
L: Yes, certainly.
A: Although I can imagine, what's behind it?
L: If you can imagine, why do you ask?
A: Because you say, not me.
L: I understand. Coeur de Lion, don’t you? However, behind there is a clear conflict of a sexual nature.
A: I cannot claim to be surprised.
L: Listen, I have no time to lose. If you already know everything, you talk. Why do you call me?
A: Excuse me, I’m sorry! I’m listening…
L: I said, behind this fight there is an obvious sexual conflict.
A: Is this a Manual case?
L: It's evident. That’s the classic case of Amantis Vendicatio: the revenge of the lover.
A: Excuse me, but are you sure you can speak Latin?
L: Yes. Do you think not?!
A: No… sorry again. Go ahead…
L: The Amantis Vendicatio is conflict erotic dynamic that develops between two lovers who have taken adverse positions around the beloved partner.
A: Can you explain?
L: It's simple. Speaking of women, one is closely tied to the partner, while the other has far position from him and hatches strong resentments. Moreover, if you remember my previous answers, we had already talked about a dynamic sex on Gianfranco Fini.
A: Yes, indeed. Let's see if I’ve correctly understood: Schifani is the faithful lover, Fini is the resentful one and Berlusconi is the disputed, respectively adored and hated partner?
L: Berlusconi? No, that’s nothing to do with Berlusconi.
A: What?!
L: Staying in the dynamic, Fini has already left and forgotten Berlusconi.
A: So what do the two presidents collide on?
L: It is obvious. That’s one of the more contentious items in sexual conflicts: the power…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Our son was born, Saturday June 5 2010, Storytelling in Rome.

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