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Wiretapping bill got confidence vote: test for PdL supporters

Stories and News No. 191

The Italian government cashed its 34th confidence vote on its own decree.
This is one of many tools at its disposal.
That’s part of its power.
Indeed, Power with a capital P, because we are talking about the government of a country.
If we then add all other powers, derived from the many interests of Prime Minister – never in conflict with them, the P becomes colossal.
Moreover, if we reflect on the consequences of all the so-called necessary laws in recent years Berlusconi passed, we will disappear before that p.
We citizens are becoming increasingly smaller in front of our government, busy with all rather than real problems of the country.
Sure, some Berlusconi fan may disagree, considering me as just a partisan, biased and not objective guy.
So I ask myself: what will the ordinary loyal to the PDL people earn by the wiretapping bill? And here are 7 questions, one for each point of the law…

The Story:

By the seven points of the wiretapping bill:

1. Dear voters of the PDL, we inform you that thanks to this precious decree, after 75 days of wiretapping, the prosecutor can request subsequent extensions of three days. Do you think this will decrease the number of unemployed in Italy?

2. Location wiretapping (with the "bugs") can be done without the risk of impending crime - not in private places - for 3 days. Do you think this will lower the price of gasoline?

3. It is confirmed the ban on media publication of wiretapping before the preliminary interview, with heavy penalties for journalists and publishers. The court documents (such as an order of arrest) may be published only as "summary". Do you believe that this will increase the pour pensions that elderly get?

4. The replacement of the pm that violates the confidentiality of investigations may be decided by the prosecutor and not mandatory. Are you sure that this will help you to have better prepared teachers and safer school buildings?

5. There is no prohibition to wiretap members of the secret services. You are convinced that this will give us efficient and cheaper hospitals and health care?

6. The president of the Court of Appeals will decide about the recovery of process and the parties can not resist. Do you see this as an important contribution to the achievement of a more meritocratic Italy?

7. The new provisions are applied to ongoing cases, but remain valid only the wiretappings made at that time. So, thinking about the great problems that Italy has to face every day, do you think is really this the reason why you voted for Berlusconi and his allies?

- If you answered yes to none of the questions I see for you a light at the end of the tunnel.
- If you answered yes to at least one of the questions you're the fragile mind.
- If you answered yes to all you are Emilio Fede.

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