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Closed for holidays

The Blog is on vacation. It’s been a busy season, this. So much has happened in the world. My greatest hope is that my stories had more moved you to wonder what is the truth behind the media news. However, I would happily content knowing that I made you smile. Thank you very much for being here. I leave you with the most read posts top ten since a year. Good summer! 1. From Greece Peoples of Europe rise up. 2. Carla Bruni takes cocaine and Morgan no Sanremo? 3. Sexual abuse: church now needs money… 4. Crucifix in the classroom: the true story. 5. Sex tape photos on front page. 6. Bishop Georg Muller abuse: confession letter. 7. In Italy bureaucracy kills more people than earthquake. 8. Are Palestinians animals? 9. Italians hate Romanians? Here is why... 10. Italy 2010 regional elections results and the fake democracy. Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. Share the post:

Berlusconi is Caesar, here the evidence

Stories and News No. 216 I read that today newspapers tell once again something which puts dark veils on Silvio Berlusconi’s name. Some of these media reveal that police associates the pseudonym Caesar, present in the wiretapping on the new P3 secret lodge, to our Prime Minister. Moreover, if Berlusconi is involved, who would he have been if not Caesar? Come on. If Silvio is implicated, who else could be behind this Caesar, mentioned as the leader? Moreover, I also have evidence that Berlusconi is Caesar! The Story: Berlusconi is Caesar. In De Bello Gallico Caesar wrote: "Men willingly believe what they want to be true." Come on, it’s him! One million jobs, lower taxes for all, safest cities… it’s him without a doubt. "The enemy would have victory if they had who knows how to win," Caesar said, according to Plutarch, in the biography dedicated to the dictator. Now, tell me if this enemy does not fit with the Italian Democratic Party! Caesar Berlusconi has unders

Vatican Radio tumors

Stories and News No. 215 " The study suggests that there was an important, consistent and significant association between exposure to residential structures of Vatican Radio and excess disease risk for leukemia and lymphoma in children. " This statement comes from expert opinion requested by the judge for preliminary investigations Zaira Secchi, about the deaths caused by electromagnetic pollution from 1990 to 2003 in the north of Rome, following the subsequent investigation. The General Director of the Catholic radio station, Federico Lombardi, comments: "Vatican Radio learned with surprise news about the report prepared by the Rome judge about the incident evidence in the proceedings for alleged damage to public health... Vatican Radio will present its views as soon as possible and counterclaims of its own experts Professor Umberto Veronesi and Dr. Susanna Lagorio. It’s good to remember that according to international literature in the field it was never proven the ex

PDL is falling down and PD alternative is: too many immigrants in Italy

Stories and News No. 214 I think that recent days Berlusconi’s People of Freedom image has become shabby and shameful to the most strong of his supporters too. He will never admit it in public and in the style of his loved leader he will point out all the usual plot of the communist judiciary. However, I am convinced that within himself, perhaps in the evening when he’ll put the light off before going to sleep, will have a very clear perception of what kind of people he voted. This morning I read about ten thousand pages of documents on a true lodge, a secret business committee created for rule the State, a sort of P3. Through these investigations, after the name of the usual Denis Verdini, we have the other habitué Marcello Dell'Utri and the Economy Undersecretary Nicholas Cosentino. While the news that Berlusconi has asked foreign ambassadors he met to bring beautiful girls in Italy makes the usual tour of the world, this is my question: if the PDL is literally falling down, wha

Berlusconi Mandela comparison

Stories and News No. 213 According to many newspapers, the most exciting moment of the ceremony that preceded yesterday's final of the soccer World Cup was the short tour of the court by Nelson Mandela. Once the small electric car appeared around the whole stadium jumped. Only five minutes. Five minutes to greet and smile to the thousands and billions people connected. No speech, no need to send messages or illuminating and touching speeches. That's a privilege of those men whose history speaks for them, getting an ocean of respect and admiration from everybody. A hand, a smile and the standing ovation is total. The truth is that people would stand up in front of men like Mandela without them too. I’m talking about men that world history, among other things, defines as leaders. It’s said that every country has the government it deserves. Well, similarly, every People (of freedom) have got their leader. And the vice versa is also true… The Story: This man has been

Italian Media Strike against Berlusconi gag law chance for questioning itself

Stories and News No. 212 Today is a special day for Italian journalists. The National Italian Press Federation announced for July 9 2010 a silent strike to protest against Berlusconi Government wiretapping bill. Here's how the federation press release starts: “The Italian journalists are called to a unique form of protest that is expressed in a "noisy" silence information on Friday 9 July, against the rules of wiretapping bill that severely limited the right of citizens to learn how the judicial investigations proceed, inflicting major disruption on the free circuit of the news.” The initiative has received massive adhesion, almost complete. I will not enter the diatribe on strike and no strike. Besides, if I say no, even if also with Marco Travaglio, I risk of being in agreement with Berlusconi Newspaper’s director Feltri, and I get hives just to think about it. Anyway, I'm not a journalist. I write and tell stories. Yet, there was a time when I had the desire to be

L’Aquila earthquake victims protest and the lies of Berlusconi Newspaper

Stories and News No. 211 Yesterday in Rome we had yet another demonstration of what kind of country we have become. The Committee 3e32 , L'Aquila coordination network, had organized a manifestation in July 7, 2010, to bring to the streets the following demands: We first ask for the suspension of all taxes and charges, the freezing of loans and a series measures to support employment and the economy. I also read on the site of the promoters that there was great participation, by local and national organizations. Associations, political parties, committees, companies, municipalities and institutions like the University of L'Aquila and the Archbishopric. Like most of you know, the procession was stopped by the police. Consequently we saw another clash between officers and protesters, with three persons wounded. The news was obviously on the front pages of all media. As always, every newspaper tends to give a personal version of the facts. The absolute objectivity does not exist,

Berlusconi PDL was created to amalgamate center right: here is the recipe

Stories and News No. 210 " The People of Freedom was created to amalgamate all the political traditions of the center right… " Words by Silvio Berlusconi, in the footnote to the meeting he had yesterday with the faithful forzaitalians. Now, putting aside the critics to the prime minister’s work, we must admit that this amalgam was not a simple transaction. Sure, to make an amalgam of the traditions in the center left is much more difficult. It's like trying to put together the chicken with cherry jam, Prodi and Veltroni are well aware. Moreover, someone might point out to them: but why the fuck you insist with cherry jam? Satisfy yourself with the chicken! Oops… are you those of the jam? Here is the problem: it’s not clear who's the chicken and who the jam. That would mean that amalgam works. Instead, while all seems to be all right, the Mastella sauce or the Bertinotti oil come out and everything goes to hell. In contrast, the right side of the table holds about fi

Money rain on the highway and the crisis is over

Stories and News No. 209 Yesterday afternoon a cash truck rolled over on A14 motorway between Foggia and Cerignola. Two million euros in coins came out. But this is not the news. That's what seems happened after. Apparently, all motorists get hands down to the money. I read that at least ten thousand euros disappeared. Let’s figure that the lucky - because, being honest, many of us consider this event as a gift of destiny... – persons was thirty, or better still fifty, just to say a lot. Well, everybody caught on average 200 euros. It’s a theft, I agree, but in times of crisis, everything is relative. An incident like this and a family as many in Italy, perhaps one of the 30% who is forced to economize on food, put free 200 euros in his pocket. Maybe they will bring children one more day to the sea. I think Italy needs more of these incidents… The Story: Everything happened within a day. It was the 6th of July 2010. Someone called it the Italian miracle. I am talking about an ex

Berlusconi, the old pig and the lap dancer

Stories and News No. 208 In these days we may read that, during his visit to Brazil, Silvio Berlusconi has found time to spend with six lap dancers. According to the Daily Mail , Alexandra Valença has reported of having received £900 – about 1000 euros - to dance for our premier. Here is the interview with dancer. At the same time, recent ISTAT reports on employment are alarming: almost a young person in three is without a job, layoffs increased by 71% in the last six months and employments reduced by almost one percentage point over the same period of last year . Berlusconi fans, I’m talking to you. It can’t be true, right? Certainly this Alexandra and the other girls invented all to get some fame, isn’t it? Those are the usual aspersions on your beloved Prime Minister, yes? Moreover, even if true, most of you will say: What's wrong? He likes women, so what? Better than gay! (this last one I really heard...). Yeah, what's wrong? The Story: Once upon a time there was a sea

In Finland broadband is legal right. That’s why not in Italy

Stories and News No. 207 Since yesterday, July 1, Finland is the first country in the world to make the broadband internet connection a legal right for all people. "We considered the role of the internet in Finns everyday life," Communications Minister Suvi Linden said. "Internet services are no longer just for entertainment." Yeah, it’s not just for entertainment. In my humble opinion, it never did. If you think that ARPANET, the precursor of internet, was born as defense project and counterintelligence service of the U.S. government, you may see how much it’s not just for fun. Anyway high-speed Internet for all is a very important decision for a nation. It means guaranteeing all citizens a fundamental tool of free information and especially sharing of the latter. That’s the sign of a healthy democracy. Why in Italy is it not possible? The Story: Once upon a time there was a country that we can call Italy. Indeed, it is Italy. This time I don’t want to play, be