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Money rain on the highway and the crisis is over

Stories and News No. 209

Yesterday afternoon a cash truck rolled over on A14 motorway between Foggia and Cerignola.
Two million euros in coins came out.
But this is not the news.
That's what seems happened after.
Apparently, all motorists get hands down to the money.
I read that at least ten thousand euros disappeared.
Let’s figure that the lucky - because, being honest, many of us consider this event as a gift of destiny... – persons was thirty, or better still fifty, just to say a lot.
Well, everybody caught on average 200 euros.
It’s a theft, I agree, but in times of crisis, everything is relative.
An incident like this and a family as many in Italy, perhaps one of the 30% who is forced to economize on food, put free 200 euros in his pocket.
Maybe they will bring children one more day to the sea.
I think Italy needs more of these incidents…

The Story:

Everything happened within a day.
It was the 6th of July 2010.
Someone called it the Italian miracle.
I am talking about an extraordinary event, an exceptional, unique and unrepeatable chain of events that in a few hours gave joy and not only to millions of people.
Life is unfair, you know, but sometimes it goes on vacation or to the toilet to do its business, as you prefer, the fact is that in those moments things can go differently.
I was there.
I mean, I was not everywhere, because we I’m speaking about multiple events, but one of these I witnessed with my own eyes.
But I will tell you of this in the end.
The newspapers have told you of lucky motorists near Foggia who encountered two million euros.
That was only the prelude.
The real party came the next day, from north to south.
In the province of Milan, at the time of entry to one of the many factories that surround the city of job, the workers who were preparing to begin the grind daily saw falling on their heads a thunderous rain of hundred euro banknotes, falling down from a sudden hole in the hold of a private plane.
I am referring to one of the many private planes that pass overhead normally sharing much worse rain on the poor people.
Not even an hour later, in a square in Rome, a crowd of unemployed citizens publicly express their unacceptable condition heard an unusual noise.
An explosion, you might think, the usual bomb that always damages the protesters rather than protested.
No bomb, this time.
Life is unfair but, as I said, that day it was paused.
The noise that the so-called troublemakers heard was produced by the simultaneous going out of money from all ATMs in the square.
The mad holes vomited all their richness and it was no longer theirs.
Perhaps it had never been.
But the most amazing event we had in Sicily.
Here there was a really bang.
Indeed, calling it a bang is highly restrictive.
It was a huge roar.
And within seconds the entire island turned its eyes towards Etna.
The volcano erupted, but no lava got out.
The lava doesn’t have that shiny dark yellow color.
That was gold, gold molten, hot gold molten.
In short, an endless sea of people arrived at the volcano and heedless of the earth shocks and the heat drew in that wonderful river.
Soon the news spread all over Italy and caravans of cars, buses and every kind of transport arrive to drink in the miraculous source of wealth.
Northern and Southerner people, all citizens who did not manage to get to the end of the month landed in Sicily to enjoy the gifts of the volcano.
What about the Sicilians?
They showed immense generosity and shared the gold with everybody.
Life is unfair and I know that these days only happen once in a… life, just when it is distracted.
Or when people find the courage to unite and drive it out to finally bring some justice.
Well, this is where I personally was.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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