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Berlusconi Confidence vote 5 points: Mafia Trials Fear Rich League

Stories and News No. 238 It was predictable: the People of Freedom voted to trust their own sovereign . All the people: faithful enemies and adoring servants, complicit debtors and blackmailers, and especially grateful and pandering souls. This is the people of freedom, where everyone is free to choose how to worship the divine Silvio. That is nothing new under the Italic sun of the last fifteen years. In my humble opinion, the most interesting facts are the points that Berlusconi told. In other words, what this shaky confidence is based on. Berlusconi has listed five points. Well, yet another innovation of this blog, I shall apply to them a prototype device, that is very advanced in detecting the true meaning of Italian Prime Minister’s words. This is a kind of translator , which - unlike traditional media – does not just report the speeches of politicians, but it raises the real meaning, synthesizing the essential message. How does it work? Simple: It just remembers who is the spe

Italian rats and Roman pigs: the racists upstairs

Stories and News No. 237 It's true that reality almost always exceeds the imagination. I ever thought this. For this reason, I consider the media news an extremely fertile source from which drawing to invent my own stories. As many in Italy know, the Minister for Reforms to federalism , Mr. Umberto Bossi , referring to citizens of the capital of the Italian Republic - which he has sworn allegiance to, said this: " These Romans are pigs… " The not so original change of the true meaning of the abbreviation SPQR has obviously shocked the hearts of many. That was just an ironic joke . This is the way how Berlusconi called the offence, I repeat, by the Minister for Reforms to federalism . Yesterday Mr. Bossi, speaking to Radio Padania , added: " We expect to be respected and not stolen. If they (the Romans) could, they would steal even our sidewalks… " Eh, you all know: everybody in the world envies the northern Italy sidewalks... Now, the sardonic fate made that

Berlusconi confidence vote speech: text and video preview

Stories and News No. 236 " You see too what is the situation of these days. We are facing very important must-pass obstacles in everyone's interest. I am faced with a document that will get the majority vote of the parliament in order to move forward… " These are some of the things that Silvio Berlusconi said by phone to his friend Pierino Gelmini , on the party of the drug abuse rehabilitation centre Comunità Incontro (Community Encounter), where the undersecretary of Prime Minister Carlo Giovanardi was awarded with the " Madonna of the smile " prize. Apart from the only logical explanation for such recognition – if the Madonna thinks of Giovanardi, she can only laugh… - I have another scoop. I could write a post on the meaning of coherence in President of Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini and his friends voting the confidence to a person like Silvio, after having finally started to separate from him. However, as I already said in the past, if they were co

UN ambassador first contact with aliens: Berlusconi proposal

Stories and News No. 235 When I read it I thought it was a joke and I still have doubts whether it is a true story or not. Apparently, the UN is about to appoint an ambassador for relations with the aliens. The person that seems to be chosen is the Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Binti Othman , director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, UNOOSA . Well, it is a strange fact, but never as Berlusconi's reaction to the striking United Nations initiative. You may not believe it, but the Italian Prime Minister was surprised that he was still not consulted in the choice of the ambassador. You see, a man like him, is ever surrounded by people who are alien to all that, on the contrary, should be unquestionable: democracy, equality before the law and respect for human rights, just to name three at random. So, as soon as he read the news, Silvio has made a meeting and after a long huddle he proposed the perfect candidate for this delicate role. The latter is the worthy r

Rai vs Santoro and Dandini: usual farce and Berlusconi enjoys

Stories and News No. 234 First, a premise, jut to be clear: I like Anno Zero (Year Zero) and appreciate Michele Santoro , although this is obvious, if we compare his talk show with the rubbish that the Rai offers in these days. I also like Serena Dandini . I've always considered her a very intelligent and ironic woman, a combination that particularly attracts me. However, Parla con me (Talk to me), her last product, does not make me a fun and I have no problem to say that I liked very much what she did before; What she now doesn’t or perhaps can no longer do. In my humble opinion, this is the real problem. It would be too easy and, for this reason, incredibly naive to be here writing a post to defend the virtual heroes, victims of TV mobbing, under the aegis of freedom of expression. An avalanche of requests to sign on Facebook pages defending Anno Zero and Santoro, Parla con me and Serena Dandini reached me. That is a classic. There are people that still invite me to stay with

Prison suicides: letter to the next

Stories and News No. 233 As all of you, reading the news, there are some that strike me more than others. One of these is certainly on the suicides of detainees. I do not want to talk about the bad conditions in the prisons, nonetheless it deserved much more than a single post. I read that yesterday an only twenty-two years old guy cut his life. It seems to be the 45th prisoner in Italy to kill himself since the beginning of the year. According to the Ristretti site, over the past ten years in my country almost 1,700 prisoners died, more than 1/3 with suicide; that means more than 500 and less than 600. The aspect that most impresses me and makes me think at the same time is thinking of someone who is already paying by imprisonment for actions that society has considered illegal and that individually decides to condemn himself the death penalty. As if the arrest, the trial and the subsequent incarceration were not enough. As if only death was able to pay the bill. Of course, I am ta

Giovanardi: Gay adoptions cause child trafficking

Stories and News No. 231 " Gay adoptions cause more children trafficking ". Tuesday's Quiz: Who said this crap? A : The same who said that Stefano Cucchi died because was addict and anorexic . B: The man who said that in Italy a sick child is treated while in Netherlands is killed. C: The author of Stories of extraordinary injustice , an ‘indispensable’ essay denouncing the ‘crimes’ of magistrates against the most honest party in Italian history: the Italian Christian Democrats . And who’s except the Secretary to the Prime Minister Berlusconi, Mr. Carlo Giovanardi ? Do you think I was hurry defining his words a crap? Indeed Giovanardi gives also 'data': " Where gay adoptions are allowed, as in the U.S. and Brazil, this phenomenon of child trafficking has is very increased. " So, I have not even started the post that I am full of doubts. Was he right or not? Has what he says a sense? Okay, I accept the challenge. If his claim has is minimal logical, I

Berlusconi and Mafia Boss friends

Stories and News No. 230 I read this morning that in his frantic search of the minimum numbers to govern, Berlusconi has found encouraging responses from Totò Cuffaro and other close to the latter Sicilian members of UDC Party , obviously proposing them something they could not refuse. Union of Christian and Centre Democrats leader Casini with apparent indifference commented : " They can go wherever they want, our surveys are growing. " Have you noticed? They are all growing. Whatever happens, whether they win or lose elections, there is always a good thing to point out. That’s a fundamental aspect. Do you want to know what it is? They still have the chair under their ass. Of course, some of you, hearing of Sicily and Cuffaro associated with Berlusconi, could do a superficial association of ideas: Mafia friends help Boss Berlusconi . The Mafia is there in time of need or when the godfather calls the mafia answers . You - and me with you – are only terminally naive. The

Pisacane School immigrant children are not Italians: racism? No, idiocy

Stories and News No. 229 "Although these children were born in Italy is not wrong to consider them foreign. That’s a master but also cultural issue…" These are words and music by Laura Marsilio, PdL city and school educational policies councilor of Rome. I was undecided on this post and I still am. My doubts are in choosing the best way to comment on the striking out by the councilor. In the past, when I was a little feel-good, I would have defined her statement as ignorant. I'm not a feel-good and tolerant guy. I’m not ever been the latter. That’s why the right and often even to the left don’t like what I say. I have never tolerated the ignorance and especially today I do not tolerate stupidity. That especially is when it has the power to take decisions on my children’s life. I hope it is clear to you that come in this blog that I am won’t ever tell you lies, as we are all equal . I’m not equal to Ministers Calderoli or Bondi. The fact is that I won’t’ stay here telling

Fascist Sarkozy sends Roma to Luxembourg and Berlusconi copies

Stories and News No. 228 First of all I want to point out something that maybe deserved a single post: Fascists? Italian fascists, do you hear me? Right people, are you listening? I’m not talking to those new moderate friends of immigrants-that-early-will-vote. Indeed, you too. I’m referring to you all, those of honor , homeland and family : how can you accept a government that lets its fellow citizens shot by 'cruel Saracens' without moving a finger? Ah, I know; if the Left had got the power, it would have been different, isn’t it? Luckily we have Right leaders. Right… What kind of Right are you?! Sure you're not Sarkozy Right. That's right 'I like'. Don’t get me wrong, I say that I like because it makes me angry and provokes my sincere indignation. On the contrary, Berlusconi, La Russa and Gasparri Right causes only one thing to those who have a minimum maturity and above all dignity, whether a supporter of honor, homeland and family or not: shame . The an