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Amnesty International, USA new order in Iraq: abuses and tortures

Stories and News No. 226

Do you remember the Iraq war?
The 2003 Gulf War?
I’m referring to the second, not the first.
Let’s talk about the second, it’s enough.
Come on, that proud operation to find weapons of mass destruction, that indispensable task to combat Islamic terrorism, especially not to remain armless looking at the human rights violations by the cruel Iraqi regime.
Hey, how can you not bless the so-called Coalition of the willing on a mission to bring peace and democracy to the victims of an ugly and bad tyrant like Saddam?
Fortunately everything ended well.
Well, let’s say it is just finished.
That is, the willing show is over, with the end credits launched by Obama on August 31 this year.
What about Iraq, now?
What about Iraq, after paying at least 600,000 dead for joining the show called humanitarian war?
Behold, now it’s back to being one of too many countries in the world that continues to suffer inhuman crimes.
New order, same abuses, as Amnesty International says

The Story:

The war is over.
In movies wars have a beginning and an end.
They must have, otherwise they make a sequel.
Then a sequel to the sequel and so on.
But sooner or later the saga must end, because people get tired and desert.
They desert the cinema, what did you think?
You know how the audience is unstable and needs to be continually surprised.
The production should realize a good promotion, with a cool trailer, otherwise the flop arrives.
They need strong images to capture viewers' attention…

Of course, strong images are not all.
The film must have a captivating full of twists story.
And then it takes the correct interpretation.
The names, people want the names.
They go to the cinema to watch the actors, not films.
Pay attention.
When you propose to go to the cinema and suggest a title, if your friends don’t know it, what's the first thing they ask?
It has good reviews? What is the plot? Who is the director?
The first question is always: who are the actors?
If the protagonist is not famous, you can use the strongest images…

However, if the war is over it is useless to still talk about.
After the last the end people passed to another.
It’s the law of the market.
And if nobody want to make a film on it, who will listen to your story?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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