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Gianfranco Fini a repentant is not a hero

Stories and News No. 220

First of all I make a premise that probably sums up the rest of the post.
As if written with fire, I would like particularly to point out that the show of Fini, Finiani and C., singing the next Future forgetting, indeed, erasing recent and distant past, here on this Blog, will ever be refused.
What? I always criticize the Left Democrats before and then the Democratic Party for saving Berlusconi from the trials and making earn power since his descent into the political field. Can I now applaud those who until yesterday were enriching at the side of Silvio?!
They are still there, in the majority...
I my opinion, a repentant person may change his mind, but is always a repentant and never will be a hero.
So, what are we talking about?
The end of the PDL, that's what.
It’s exactly what Fini said.
And here is how aggressive Bersani’s - the head of the largest opposition party, attack to the opponent on the ropes was:
"The problem is that the country cannot loose time. It's not good the game of the match."
The game of the match?
What’s that?
Here is the idea for the story...

The Story:

Once upon a time there were two gangs.
They were called the Reds and the Blacks.
Two very different colors, you could not mistake.
It was important to distinguish them.
One day a poet said that if this had not been possible it would be a real problem.
The two gangs were vying for territory clashing daily.
During the struggle, the important thing was to win, not to participate.
This was clear to all, on every side.
When you don’t win, you lose.
And when you lose, you will try to understand how to win next time.
That’s very trivial, I admit, but I have the impression that it is not worth mentioning.
Returning to the battle between Reds and Blacks, the day came when a true despot, a absolute tyrant and incredibly fun of himself became leader of the latter.
Just for the record, the guy was a despot, an absolute tyrant and incredibly fun of himself since the beginning.
He had a winning debut and the Blacks beat the Reds.
Except for brief periods, the supremacy of Blacks lasted for about fifteen years and the despot became stronger, confirming that he has sought power only for his own interests.
From the beginning, just to be still clear.
Someone insinuated that this happened also thanks to the Reds weakness, but let’s go forward.
One day, the vice leader of Blacks began to attack the boss shouting: "He’s a despot, an absolute tyrant, is incredibly fun of himself and uses power only for his own interests."
"Are you sure?" All of you might ironically say.
Well, not everybody.
Just someone.
I think should be logical that everyone were saying it.
But my country is a strange place.
Anyway, what about the Reds?
They met to analyze the situation.
All agreed that it was time of assault.
There were those who proposed to attack the Blacks immediately, some wanted to wait for the night, others suggested the dawn, but an attack seemed the only plausible answer to everybody.
Only the boss didn’t join the choir: "The country cannot loose time," he said.
His people looked at him somewhat confused.
"What?" One of them asked, representing the feelings of all.
"It’s not good the game of the match," the boss answered.
“The match in the sense of round or play?”
“No, in the sense of fire match…”
I think it’s useless to tell you where they to put that fire match.
But this is unfortunately just a story...

The News: Fini speech.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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