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Northern League, the Italian Nazi School?

Stories and News No. 225

This morning I read some disturbing news.
This maybe happened because I am a father or perhaps because that’s really disturbing.
In an Italian town called Adro – a city known for some prohibited to poor children school canteens - was inaugurated the Gianfranco Miglio School.
Miglio was an important contributor to the Lega Nord (Northern League) Party ideas.
The school is literally recovered with the symbol of the League, the so-called Sun of the Alps:

Who can speak Italian should read the interesting witness by Enrico Capoferri, a guy from Adro.
Anyway, you can just watch the pictures.
I was very impressed.
And a parallel with the past was inevitable to me...

The Story:

Here we go, our first day of school finally arrived.
Last night we fell asleep with difficulty.
Try to understand, the thoughts in the head and the desires in the heart are billions.
The night passed quickly.
We slept little and dream a lot.
We have seen us in the midst of our new friends, all alike, ready to begin…

How is it exciting to feel part of something bigger than us and that is there for us, absolute stars of the moment.
Because we are the protagonists, isn’t it?
The school was invented for us, right?
We are the tomorrow people, isn’t that what you always say?
This is the reason why we look and listen to you even when you think the opposite…

You are our school.
You are the teachers, you do every time you come into the room where we sit waiting at the desk or not.
We will be good, that’s a promise.
Good at what?
What a question.
Good at doing exactly what you do, without doubt.
There is time to ask what that gesture means…

We’ll go everywhere with your flag on our shoulders.
We’ll march along the streets making the world hear the sound of our shoes.
We’ll shout your slogans.
We'll sing your hymns until hoarse.
But do not ask us to smile…

You cannot teach us to smile.
Nobody can impose it.
There will never be a real smile on the face of a child in the middle of a nightmare…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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