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The short process about Berlusconi and Stefano Cucchi

Stories and News No. 217

I'm back after the summer break.
And I have to start over on him.
That’s compelling, I can’t resist.
Our prime minister and all that concerns him are a perfect excuse to show what truly deserves our attention.
I read this morning about the new shield to protect Berlusconi from incumbent processes: Mediatrade and Mediaset TV rights facts, but above all the judicial corruption in the Mills case.
As exhaustively explained in the article, we are far from a short trial because.
The B plan prepared by Minister Alfano and Silvio’s lawyer Ghedini could extend the result of the debate about Silvio to the dreamed prescription.
That’s long, not short.
Indeed, an elongated process.
Yet almost all the newspapers defined it as short.
This suggested to me a consideration.
In my country for Berlusconi and his people words are so worthless that can also mean their opposite.
Only for the poor citizens the same is not true.

The Story:

Once upon a time there was the land of the contrary words.
The land of the contrary words called itself a Democracy.
Yet majority of people count for nothing and the most absurd thing was that they accept it.
The land of the contrary words had a Constitution.
Nevertheless, almost all lived as if it did not exist.
The Constitution said many things.
For example, it stated that the work was the basis which the land was based on.
The Constitution stated that the land repudiated the war.
The Constitution stated that all citizens were equal before the law.
However, almost everyone lived as if it was exactly the opposite.
In the land of the contrary words there were many people who call themselves Christians.
Christians, in other words people with charity and equality in the middle of their beliefs.
However, you could see many of those ones going to church on Sunday morning, and the same day, when they must do it too, entered the voting station and put a cross on the name of those were everything but not Christian.
Now, in the land of the contrary words there were and old man and a young guy.
The old man named Silvio and the young guy was Stefano.
Both were accused of having done something that violated the law.
In the land of the contrary words those who violated the law had to answer for their actions.
The old man, throughout his long life, had made every kind of things.
He had not missed anything.
Despite this, adding his rare presences he had not even spent a whole day in a courtroom.
Let alone in prison.
The young guy, on the contrary, was found with a small amount of drugs, immediately brought to jail and the next day got his trial.
Then, about a week later he died.
Some said he was murdered.
It was a short process and long suffering for his loved ones.
At the same time, the old man did not know who else to sell his soul to lengthen his life away from the courts.
Yet people speak about short process for him too.
You have to understand.
This was the land of the contrary words.
And it will be so until those who take care of words true meaning will become the majority…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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