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Berlusconi made bunga bunga with young girl: the evidences

Stories and News No. 258

Yes, also today I have my scoop.
Let us start from the beginning.
We may read everywhere in the media about yet another hard story with Silvio Berlusconi.
The names of journalist Emilio Fede, TV agent Lele Mora and the Lombardy Regional Councillor Nicole Minetti, known for being the premier's dental hygienist, came out too.
All emerged from statements made by a Moroccan underage girl named Ruby, about her alleged visits to the Silvio’s villa in Arcore.
Above all, to attract the attention of the people of the web is a mysterious ritual called bunga bunga, practiced by Berlusconi and his female guests during the parties.
"Silvio told me that the formula was copied by Gaddafi: a rite of his African harem…" Ruby said.
From what I read there would be also some investigations and the crime is incitement to prostitution.
Let us the judiciaries do their job.
I write and tell stories, this is mine.
Here are the evidences that fit not only Berlusconi, but also everyone…

The Story:

Take a seventy-four years old man…

Think that the old man publicly often flaunts his passion for the women, falling into gaffes unworthy of his position, not to mention the age…

Imagine he is repeatedly dragged into sexy scandals, alleged relations with escorts and compromising situations in his home…

Add the fact that even his wife - now former - accused him of his questionable acquaintances of young girls…

Then take another old man, this time seventy-nine years old…

Think that he is employed by the first one and that he likes the attendance of young girls too…

So take one third man, less senior than the others, but ever aged, fifty-five years old…

Let’s say that attending young girls often happens to him…

Then take a twenty-five years old girl…

Think that, among other things, she is the dental hygienist of the first old man, after a past carreer as a showgirl…

Finally, imagine that a very young girl, close friend to the hygienist, required to custody by the third man, seen from the second old man in the first one’s hold house, accuses the latter of having done Bunga Bunga with her.
Do you need I tell you what the Bunga Bunga is?
Do you really need evidences to believe her?
And let us also that everything is invented, do you think that may change the moral of this story?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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  1. well one is as old as the lady he feels


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