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Italy Workers Fiom manifestation and foreign violent infiltrations

Stories and News No. 249

"I do not want any accident and I say in the Fiom’s interest. At times like this we need distancing the violent people by all democratic persons. "
This excerpt is taken from the interview that the Italian Minister Maroni released today, in response to those who have strongly criticized his alarm declaration launched yesterday ahead of saturday event: "The risk of infiltrations on Saturday's Fiom manifestation is high, as also the analysis of our services said, but our focus will be maximum."
Without controversy, it will seem strange, but I agree with Maroni.
He is right in both his statements, especially the second in order of time.
I make his words mine.
More than ever at this time we need distancing the violent people by all those democrats.
We must have maximum focus.
So, in my little, I started to work.
I hope that my contribution will be appreciated both by Fiom and the Minister Maroni…

The Story:

I hope this information will be widely shared before the tomorrow manifestation. We need to work on the prevention of accidents, not to repeat the obvious mistakes of the soccer game at Marassi Stadium.
For this reason, claiming to be a democratic person, I decided to distance from some violent people:

They undoubtedly belong to foreign infiltrations:

It will be easy to identify them. Like any subversive group, they have recognizable symbols:

I hope for the safety of all that they will be isolated as soon as possible…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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