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Naples rubbish clash police protest: first victims

Stories and News No. 253

The war - because this is it - between police and demonstrators near Naples, in Terzigno, is becoming more fierce.
The first video I saw left me speechless.
Not because I am particularly vulnerable to human violence.
It always impresses me, but because I believe that in difficult times as now our country needs more than anything else collaboration among people.
The opposite of what happens in many other parts of Italy too.
I will not get into details of the rubbish problem in Campania.
In my humble opinion, the story is so complex, with so widespread and cross-cutting accountabilities; it can not be faced with a single post.
However, stopping my attention to the actual issue - the placement of trash landfills near wonders of nature as the Vesuvius National Park is, I could not resist to take a look at what might be at risk.
Of course, the garbage problem mainly concerns people’s health more than natural beauties, but I believe that zooming my blog on a space that is protected area and especially global tourist destination - which means money - can make this post more concrete

The Story:

Here is who might be the first victims of rubbish:
A fox…

A mouse…

A crow…

And a hare…

Yet, it will seem absurd, but losing them will cause lacking in the protected species loved by their murderers…

I whish that in this way they will count up to ten (euro) before create this monster landfills…

(Pictures from the official website of the Park)

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