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Paolo Romani Minister and unemployed commits suicide

Stories and News No. 241

I advise that this post will not be a pleasant one.
It is a bad story, that I see, that moves me anger and indignation, but I feel the desire to share it.
It is a today news the appointment of Paolo Romani as Minister for Economic Development.
However, it is not the last his ad interim predecessor’s bad choice, which makes me angry.
I said and I repeat.
The thing that irritates me more of Berlusconi nightmare is not the man himself but rather those who voted for him and especially those who do nothing to represent a real opposition.
On the contrary, the fact that triggers my anger is to learn of this despicable decision after reading about another suicide of an unemployed.
Cosimo was a 38 years old man who had reached the Economy and Commerce University graduation – he did, not Mr. Romani… and had lost his ‘precious’ job in a call center in Milan…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a land.
An ugly land.
It was the ugly land which all knew and that, more or less secretly, everyone hated.
It was the land of billboards, TV commercials and parades in the official celebrations.
It especially was the land of who had the power to choose for others.
Within the ugly land there was another land.
The beautiful land.
But not in the sense of beauty to watch.
It was nice watching it just because you did not need to look away.
It was beautiful because knowing to be part of it was beautiful too.
Although no one would ever have admitted.
That land was invisible to many.
This is the reason why who had the power to choose for others had an unspeakable terror that the beautiful land would be in the eyes of all.
In that case the people would have seen the difference and would have done the logical thing.
They would have choosen.
And if people had started to choose, who had the power to choose for others would have become useless.
Now, you should know that in the land there were two very different men.
Their names were Paolo and Cosimo.
Paolo was part of those who had the power to choose for others, and Cosimo, well… Cosimo was one of the others.
Paolo chose the easiest way to realize his desires.
The way of the shortcuts and compromises, the way of influential friends and above all the without scruples actions.
And soon he reached the power to choose for others.
I said it was an ungly land, right?
On the contrary, Cosimo had taken the longest path.
That one made by honest work and sacrifice, study and commitment.
Moreover having confidence in the recognition of his merits.
I am talking about the hard road walked by women and men who are, even today, the beautiful land.
However, the greater land was ugly and while Paolo became ever more wealth and powerful, Cosimo died in one of his many trips in search of that blessed recognition.
It is a shame, I know.
Yet, you may believe it or not, the beautiful land can still beat the ugly one.
Indeed, it must do.
There are still many people who travel, fight and suffer as Cosimo did, also among you who are reading these words, I am sure, and you and them have to prove that he did not die in vain…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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