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Romanian woman’s face hits Italian punch…

Stories and News No. 246

"I think the dramatic attack suffered by the woman in Rome is an act of common delinquency."
These words are by Samuele Piccolo, delegate to Development of the suburbs of the Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno.
Common delinquency
In my humble opinion, in a boy who hits a woman's face with his punch and sends her into a coma, under the general indifference - all well documented in a video by the subway cameras, there is and above all there should be nothing of common.
On the contrary, what has become habitual is the shameful way in which these horrendous news are told and commented by Italian media.
Besides, if among the protagonists of the fact we have a foreigner, all limits can be exceeded.
Even when the immigrant has the role of the victim.
You can easily image what happens when we have the vice versa.
If in Italy we’ll go to the polls in March 2011, you will see how the various TV news and newspapers Right-handed, and the delirious talk shows will put on the top of their interests the only real linkage between the Berlusconi’s circus and its voters: the rapists, drug dealers and violent immigrants that invade our cities.
Our educated and more than ever honest cities, which before the arrival of these people were the cradles of civilization that the whole world envied...
In this case, all the headlines defined the victim as the woman and she is the center of the news:
Woman in coma for a punch (
Woman attacked in metro: she is in a coma (
Quarrel for row in Subway: woman in a coma for punch in the face (The
Rome subway fight: a woman in a coma, under indifference (The
Rome, altercation in subway: woman in a coma for punch (The
Fight on the underground in Rome, a woman in a coma (The
For a punch in the metro woman in coma (
On the web, as you might expect, the subject of greater attention is the video of the assault.
However, what would have happened in the media if the attacking boy was to be Romanian?

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a strange land.
A land that became every day stranger.
In the land there were a boy and a woman.
The boy punched the woman.
And the woman fell in a coma.
I'm not here to tell you why.
I leave you to find an acceptable meaning to such a gesture.
Forgive me, I cannot.
For this I only tell stories, not explaining them.
In short, the fact arrived in all editorial offices.
The latter, as the custom was, looked for the details and found a non-negligible thing: the boy was Romanian.
Therefore, these were some of the news releases:
Romanian punches a woman: she is in a coma.
Romanian assaults woman in subway: she is in a coma.
Romanian sends woman in a coma with a punch.
And the like.
What mattered most was the fact that he was Romanian.
Of course, I am talking about the aggressor.
If the opposite had occurred, it would have been the exception that proves the rule and finally the day came when people had what they wanted to hear:

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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