Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mario Monicelli story with his films

Stories and News No. 280

Italian Movie Director Mario Monicelli died.
The first thing I did this morning is going to read what I wrote in July about his last speech on Italy TV.
If you have time, check it out and then read what the newspapers say today.
Above all, reviewing the video caused me great sadness and a bit of anger.
So, wanting to retrace his life, I once again read his biography on Wikipedia.
I searched the web for answers about his gesture, but then I read the words of his grandson, Niccolò Monicelli: "It is not a tragic end; he is a man who lived. It seems to me that he has left so many messages: remember him with his films. "
I immediately liked the idea.
I took his entire filmography and I thought the best thing I could do was to remember him with this…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a Maestro named Mario.
Mario was born in 1915 in Viareggio, Italy.
So, Mario was Italian.
Forgive the redundancy, but in these days I feel huge pleasure knowing that a man like him was my countryman.
Mario was an artist, a great artist.
However, even before an artist, he was a great man.
It was enough to hear him speak, as it happened to me on December 5 2009 in Rome.
To recognize the great men, you just have to listen them, paying attention to their words.
The same happens with the little ones.
With the latter is more difficult, because – being little – they are forced to cry and especially to talk more.
However, Mario was and will forever be a great person also for many other reasons, as many as his works are.
Mario was great because when he created he was thinking of how to give his best, fuck the celebrities (Al diavolo la celebrità).
Mario was great because he loved to tell all he saw, no distinction between cops and thieves (Guardie e ladri) or fathers and sons (Padri e figli).
Mario was great because he was a hero of our times (Un eroe dei nostri tempi), whatever they are.
Mario was great because he did not chase the trendy characters but he gave priority to the usual unknown (I soliti ignoti).
Mario was great because he lived his art as a challenge to be faced with courage, as the great war (La grande guerra) to be tackled head on.
Mario was great because unlike today's crap, it always got laughs of joy, real joy.
Mario was great because with his stories he was able to transform a country from L'armata Brancaleone to a land to be proud of.
Mario was great because if you really had heard him, you would have wanted to say "He's one of my friends (Amici miei)..."
Mario was great because unlike most of his today colleagues, he was not little, little burgess (Un borghese piccolo piccolo), far from it.
Mario was great because he always knew how to show the people the old and the new monsters (I nuovi mostri).
Mario was great because, if the latter had protested, he would have answered as Il Marchese del Grillo: “Mi dispiace, ma io so' io e voi non siete un cazzo! (I'm sorry, but I am me and you're nothing!)”
Mario was great because remembering his stories we can and must believe that another world is possible (Un altro mondo è possibile).
Mario was great because he worked until his last days, to prove that the miracles are possible, such as desert roses (Le rose del deserto).
Mario was a great man and now he is gone.
Maybe that is one more reason to take care of the remained ones and especially to free use of the little ones…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks documents: Italian Weeklylicks, Berlusconi response

Stories and News No. 279

"Berlusconi is incompetent, vain and ineffective as a modern European leader, a leader physically and politically weak leader, his often long nights at parties mean he does not rest enough."
Not to mention the political weakness of Medvedev compared to Putin, the servile relationship between our Prime Minister and the latter, the mafia in Russia, the U.S. aversion against Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad…
Sorry… but where the sensational revelations by Wikileaks are?
I hope - from a purely intellectual point of view - that in the coming days something more original will come out.
On the other hand, it is interesting to observe the reactions by Berlusconi’s politicians to the recent publications by Wikileaks.
I read the considerations by Minister Frattini and La Russa, Capezzone, Gianni Letta and I also learned that Berlusconi laughs.
So, exploring the web, I got yet another scoop!
It seems that Silvio’s loyalists want to punish Julian Assange.
I also have my secret sources and I am proud to publish the home page of the beta Berlusconi’s site anti Wikileaks, coming soon: Weeklylicks

The Story:

On the same topic:

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Minister Gelmini replies to Bersani: her grades

Stories and News No. 278

It is getting exciting.
In short, Italy Education Ministry Mariastella Gelmini - blaming Democratic Party leader Pierluigi Bersani for joining the protesters students going over the roofs, had questioned his academic results.
The latter responded by posting on his Facebook Wall a copy of his university book, with a lot 30s (the maximum grade), challenging the Minister to do likewise.
Excuse me, but I can not take this matter seriously.
Not so much as instead the current situation of education in my country deserves.
On the other hand, Bersani lost from the start.
I mean, are you kidding?
Gelmini is a Minister!
A Government Berlusconi Minister!
I do not think it is possible for a woman to become Berlusconi Minister without exceeding any examination with the highest grades.
For this reason, I am proud to publish, exclusively on my Blog, Gelmini’s university book…

The Story:

PS: And you still have not seen Minister Carfagna’s one…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gelmini reform bill: Italy and the U.S. sites compared

Stories and News No. 277

In Italy the assault by students continues.
Yesterday they reached the Senate and is now the turn of the Chamber of Deputies, although I read that a young man in Florence is left battered by the fighting.
The cause of the scandal, as often happens, is the reform that bears the name of the Minister of Education, University and Research Mariastella Gelmini.
From what I read online, the bill provides, among other things, funding cuts and fixed-term contracts for researchers, renewable once, from that some of the reasons for the revolt.
I do not want to discuss the decree.
I must say that for age reasons this is not the first student demonstrations against his ministry Reference I see.
I remember most the Movement of Panthera, in 1989.
In 1990 I attended my first year at La Sapienza University, in Rome.
I had already done some… disruptions of the natural order of the school, but seeing the campus in the hands of students, day and night, was a unique experience for me.
More than ever in that moment I felt what should not be just a feeling, but a true fact: the school - or university - is mine.
Theirs, now, damn time passing by.
The protests of those years was, incidentally, against the reform Ruberti, named by the Minister of Education, guilty of wanting to achieve too much privatization of the Italian universities.
Antonio Ruberti, who died in 2000, was part of the sixth Andreotti government, by center-left.
It has been about twenty years.
What has changed? This made me wonder.
What has changed in those who manage the education of my country?
So I went on the website of the Ministry.
It is important how you present yourself on the web.
It says a lot about you.
It's like the business card or the dress you wear when you show up for an interview.
It represents how you want others to see you.
Then I went to visit the U.S. Department of Education website, the equivalent of our Ministry.
The comparison was inevitable, and the differences that immediately popped me in the eyes made me understand why, if we don’t change the base, we will never improve…

The Story:

On the site of the Minister Gelmini there is on the left a picture of smiling children, a girl at the center with raised hand, eager to be questioned…

On the site of the U.S. Department there is at the top a photo of the head of the latter, the Secretary Arne Duncan, who gives a message that begins with this sentence: “As a country we need to improve dramatically the respect and admiration for teachers”…

On the site of the Minister Gelmini, next to the beautiful picture above, there is the heading of news, almost all government press releases, some clearly self laudatory…

On the site of the U.S. Department in the first column on the left there is a space dedicated to the Blog with recent posts and related issues for discussion:

On the site of the Minister Gelmini, next to the News, there is a column with other press releases…

On the site of the U.S. Department, to the right of the Blog space, there is a book divided into two tabs with some links, News and Features. Among the links of the first I see Arne (the head of the department) respond to questions…

To connect with the Ministry of Gelmini, on the site there is a link called URP, the dear Office of the Public Relations…

To connect with the U.S. Department there are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

Important goal of Ministry Gelmini is the recent reform, whose cuts have sparked a protest by students not seen for a long time…

The important goal of the U.S. Department is the Recovery Act, strongly desired by Obama, which led to a grant of 97.4 billion dollars, with 275mila jobs saved or created…

Apart from the difference between those who cut the funds and who increases them, in your opinion, which of the two institutions must show of caring more about students and teachers?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Berlusconi phone calls Italy TV: 2 years in a video

Stories and News No. 276

Yesterday we got the umpteenth time that Silvio Berlusconi appeared on TV as a voice phone call.
People close to him tell me that on top of his cellular book Italian Premier has two numbers.
One is of Ballarò TV political talk show.
The second is the police headquarters in Milan, in the case they had to find a granddaughter in a bad way.
In detail, last night Silvio live gave to the host Giovanni Floris, his guests and viewers gems like these: "You are arrogant and totally mystifying; the promises made on the waste have been absolutely maintained."
Now, since I am set with the previous facts, I went to listen to other calls of Berlusconi to this tv program.
The 27 November 2009, inveighing against the 'communist' judges.
And the first of June, this year, to flout La Repubblica journalist Massimo Giannini.
So I was seized with a sudden inspiration.
As the Blues Brothers, I have seen the light.
And it was stronger than me going to see what was happening to our country, among a phone call and other by Silvio.
In the end I left two questions for the TV host Floris.
But to know them, it is necessary to listen…

The Story:

Or, watch the video:

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Minister Maroni and Roberto Saviano: no right to be on air list

Stories and News No. 275

As I wrote earlier, one of the main factors linked to Vieni via con me (Come away with me) talk show created and conducted by Fabio Fazio and Gomorra author’s Roberto Saviano, is the TV share.
In fact, if you look online, almost all major Italy newspapers dwell on the winning record.
In addition, some media focus on the peaks from one of the guests: Italy Interior Minister Roberto Maroni.
While advertising agencies and the various sponsors are rubbing their hands, before getting to the point of the post, I want to say that last episode is the one I liked most.
I especially appreciated the first speech by Saviano, on the abuse made in Italy by the North to the South with the toxic waste.
The monologue by Corrado Guzzanti made me laugh a lot.
That is a shame that a so good satirical comedian is not much more on TV.
But perhaps it is not just a shame, is not it?
Because even a worthy product as Vieni via con me, just like the south of Italy, yesterday was live abused.
I say and I emphasize this: Minister Roberto Maroni had no right to go on air.
Who of you has this right?!
Tell me, who among you has the right to claim of speaking in prime time in front of millions of people?
I do not have it.
And if I had someone should protest…

The Story:

List of reasons why the Minister Maroni
should not have to go on air:

Because it was an abuse of power.

Because the governments go but my country is still a democracy.

Because no one has the right to impose his presence to others.

Because this is what I teach my children.

Because RAI is or should be a public service, to serve the public, not the government.

Because a minister have all the media in the country, whenever he wish, to replicate and contradict.

Because there is freedom of expression.

Because there is no right to contradict.

Because in each democratic country that would never have happened.

Because otherwise everyone would be afraid to say something that the minister might not like.

Because then the TV would become a hotbed of licking and cowardly.

Because the same would happen to most of the newspapers.

And because if you allow bullies to abuse their power, you damage yourself and particularly those who are weaker than you…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Minister Mara Carfagna maxim and the true reasons of the escape

Stories and News No. 274

Maxim is the most searched, associated to the Italy Minister for Equal Opportunities Mara Carfagna, word in Google.
Maxim is an international magazine, famous for pictures of actresses, singers, and female models, that showed some sexy photos of Minister Carfagna.
That is why leaving only the title of this post I would have said much.
Too much, I think.
Too much, I repeat, for a Minister of a Republic that is worthy of the name.
Am I wrong? Am I a moralist?
Tell me which country in the world, more or less civilized than Italy, have a Minister more famous for her body than the reasons which she is paid by the people for.
Since I do not want to limit myself to that much or too much, I am going to say the rest.
"The measure was full, I will not give up. I come back only if I Silvio listen to me," Minister Carfagna said commenting on the recent crisis that has opened between her and Berlusconi’s party.
I read that the casus belli was an alleged clash with Alessandra Mussolini, another deputy who owes her current fame to not political merits, since the most searched associated to her keyword is video, hard video
I found many other interpretations of what are the reasons for minister crisis, however, I thought that the best way to clearly see the things was to visit her website and read her opinion.
Carfagna has published a post titled Point by point, the reasons for my resignation policies.
Thus, we have the news, the views of the media and the official position of the protagonist.
So there is almost the whole picture.
The only thing missing is…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a land that we may call Italy.
Call it as you want.
This is an invented story and in the invented stories the most absurd things happen.
In reality they are impossible…
In this land there was a girl named Maria.
She was a beautiful girl.
So beautiful that twenty-two years old she arrived sixth in Miss Italy and was crowned Miss Cinema.
Like many of her generation, she wanted to work in television.
Not all make it, but Mary did.
In fact, three years later she came on television, becoming one of the so-called quick-known faces.
Not only for the face, of course.
Mary worked as a model for a famous magazine, performing incredibly sexy poses for an exciting calendar, which became in a few days a must see for truckers or otherwise.
Among the otherwise there was the most powerful person in the country - an old full of money man – who publicly said this: "If I were not already married, I would immediately merry her."
That was a very misguided statement, since obviously the rich old guy's wife did not like.
Well, the old man was like this: he spoke and then… thought about? No, he said other bullshits.
And here is the turning point.
Maria suddenly took the political field, passing from television studios to the benches of parliament as the bag in the basket of a helpless old lady on the busy subway car at rush hour goes in the hands of a skilled thief: with blinding speed.
Thus, just a year after the calendar, the beautiful girl was elected in the horny old man’s party.
Now, let's assume that the latter ended up in the most difficult moment of his life and that for the first time he had seriously to come to a trial.
Being honest, if you were Mary, you would be loyal to the old man or, at the first opportune moment, you would find a reason to run fast away from him?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Italy monthly premium salary to best teachers: the quiz to get it

Stories and News No. 273

In Italy, we have just celebrated the No Gelmini Day, school protest vs Berlusconi’s Minister of Education, Mariastella Gelmini.
At least 200 thousand students and 100 demonstrations manifested across Italy.
They took to the streets for the right to study, asking for more money to the school and contextual blocking of the last government cuts.
"We must have the courage to change. It is essential to continue the reforms; we must point to a quality school, more related to employment and more international," the Minister said, setting out the demands as old slogans.
What about the teachers?
According to the purely business / sales strategy of Gelmini’s boss, she proposed them an undoubtedly attractive offer: a monthly premium salary to the most deserving ones.
That is a clearly smart action, a mere example of divide and rule, a clear intervention between teachers and students.
In other words, if I buy the former, I weaken the most rebellious among the latter.
But these are interpretations of an incurable malignant obsessed by doubts guy, is not it?
However, as a teacher I would ask what will be the criterion to determine who actually deserves more than the others that lottery.
You know, in these days, an unexpected gift in the form of a premium salary is like winning the raffle.
On the other hand, knowing the thought - if we may so call it - that inspires Berlusconi government, we can easily guess which teacher is considered better than the others…

The Story:

Are you a teacher?
Maybe do you have an insecure employment?
Join the great new Gelmini Quiz:

One more Salary!

Answer the questions. If you will win you will pick an entire monthly premium salary:

1) If a student asks you who is the greatest statesman in Italian history, what do you say?
a) Silvio Berlusconi
b) Umberto Bossi
c) Giuseppe Mazzini

2) In the class there are students sons of immigrants, although born in Italy:
a) You tell them that being born here is not enough to be considered Italian.
b) You put them in the last row, because less you see them, better you feel.
c) You consider them perfectly Italians.

3) Among the students there are some who have chosen not to attend Catholic religion:
a) The infidels will have hard life in your class.
b) They may do what they like, only if they are not Muslims.
c) The thing is irrelevant for you.

4) The class has decided to strike against your Ministry:
a) You threaten rejection to everyone and immediate expulsion to each student with exotic origins.
b) You support the initiative if and only if interests the north of Italy.
c) You try to understand the reasons that pushed them to this action.

And finally ...

5) What motto do you think best summarizes the priority message among to be transmitted to your students?
a) Better loving of beautiful girls than being gay.
b) Thieving Rome, the Northern League will not forgive.
c) The law is equal for all.

Prevalence of answers a: you are a true teacher of love, check the payroll at year-end and smile with us.
Prevalence of responses b: you’ve got the Federalism, what else do you want?!
Prevalence of responses c: are you sure to still work in this school?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top Italian Mafia Boss arrested: why is he laughing?

Stories and News No. 272

I learned of the arrest of what Italian media have called 'the leader of the Casalesi Clan', Antonio Iovine.
Reading on wikipedia, I discover that he is one of the bosses of the Casalesi Clan, fugitive since 14 years.
In addition, in 2008 he received a life sentence at the end of the appeal process at the Spartacus trial.
Of course, one thing is to say of having arrested one of the bosses and quite another screaming out loud that you have captured the leader of the Casalesi.
The thing that amazed me is the coincidence of this hard thrust to the head of the Camorra, with the recent clash between Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni and writer Roberto Saviano.
You know, Italy is the land of coincidences.
Without making reckless allegations, hearing the words of the Minister - We are the mafia of the facts - it is clear that this success carries two messages:
First, if we are the mafia of the facts, the others are those of words (or chat).
Second, we stop the mafia leaders where they live: in the South of Italy.
As if to say, an incredibly favorable coincidence, I believe that also Maroni will agree.
You know, if a man is fugitive since 14 years, how can you predict if and when you will successfully stop him?
However, the detail that even more than the chance of arrest raises my doubts is the expression of the face in Iovine at the time of capture…

The Story:

Here's the land of coincidences.
In the land of coincidences, everything happens by chance.
By chance Forza Italy took vows of DC in Sicily.
It is just a coincidence that on Dec. 14, the day when confidence in the Berlusconi government will be voted, the Constitutional Court will rule on Italian Premier’s future too.
And it is yet an indisputable case that the new chairman of Consob - an independent, administrative authority, with legal personality and autonomy in the activities that protect investors, efficiency, transparency and Development of the Italian stock market - is Giuseppe Vegas, a member of the People of Freedom and confidant of Berlusconi.
In the land of coincidences there is no cause and effect.
No hidden truth, no second order, no pretense.
Everything is what you see and what you see follows only the rule of the case.
So it happens that a man hiding from police since 14 years, with a life sentence on his head, was arrested.
And what does he do?

He laughs.
And he laughs.
Not once.
He keeps this merry expression all the way from the house to the car that will bring him to the police station and then into the cell.
If I were in another country, there would be many explanations and most of them extremely disturbing.
Luckily I live here.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cholera Haiti by UN peacekeepers: the evidences…

Stories and News No. 271

2010 was a bloody year for Haiti.
In January there was the earthquake that killed more than 200 thousand people and at least one and a half million are homeless.
In late October, about 100 to Port-au-Prince an epidemic of cholera began to spread in the country.
The dead are now over a thousand.
And if all this were not enough, in early November Thomas hurricane strikes Haiti, provoking also a flood.
To make things even more dramatic, there are news of clashes between peacekeepers and residents.
Apparently, most of them are convinced that cholera was imported by the soldiers of the United Nations, in this case from Nepal.
What evidences there would be against them?
First, the latrines of UN peacekeepers camp are near a river, whose waters would then spread the disease.
Second, one UN peacekeeper has the cholera.
The United Nations rejected the accusations.
Apart from that, the clashes have provoked the death of two people, including a twenty years old boy.
Apart from that, the Pan-American Health Organization says that in a year at least 270,000 people will fall ill and the epidemic has a good chance to reach the nearby Dominican Republic.
And apart from that, we have also evidences that the weak ones are always who suffer more…

The Story (no words):

PS: These pictures are incredibly harrowing and moving, is not it? The truth is that many of us, if some of these people survive their tragedies and arrive at the gates of our cities in search of a better life, forget them with an equally baffling easiness…

The video:

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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