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Italy monthly premium salary to best teachers: the quiz to get it

Stories and News No. 273

In Italy, we have just celebrated the No Gelmini Day, school protest vs Berlusconi’s Minister of Education, Mariastella Gelmini.
At least 200 thousand students and 100 demonstrations manifested across Italy.
They took to the streets for the right to study, asking for more money to the school and contextual blocking of the last government cuts.
"We must have the courage to change. It is essential to continue the reforms; we must point to a quality school, more related to employment and more international," the Minister said, setting out the demands as old slogans.
What about the teachers?
According to the purely business / sales strategy of Gelmini’s boss, she proposed them an undoubtedly attractive offer: a monthly premium salary to the most deserving ones.
That is a clearly smart action, a mere example of divide and rule, a clear intervention between teachers and students.
In other words, if I buy the former, I weaken the most rebellious among the latter.
But these are interpretations of an incurable malignant obsessed by doubts guy, is not it?
However, as a teacher I would ask what will be the criterion to determine who actually deserves more than the others that lottery.
You know, in these days, an unexpected gift in the form of a premium salary is like winning the raffle.
On the other hand, knowing the thought - if we may so call it - that inspires Berlusconi government, we can easily guess which teacher is considered better than the others…

The Story:

Are you a teacher?
Maybe do you have an insecure employment?
Join the great new Gelmini Quiz:

One more Salary!

Answer the questions. If you will win you will pick an entire monthly premium salary:

1) If a student asks you who is the greatest statesman in Italian history, what do you say?
a) Silvio Berlusconi
b) Umberto Bossi
c) Giuseppe Mazzini

2) In the class there are students sons of immigrants, although born in Italy:
a) You tell them that being born here is not enough to be considered Italian.
b) You put them in the last row, because less you see them, better you feel.
c) You consider them perfectly Italians.

3) Among the students there are some who have chosen not to attend Catholic religion:
a) The infidels will have hard life in your class.
b) They may do what they like, only if they are not Muslims.
c) The thing is irrelevant for you.

4) The class has decided to strike against your Ministry:
a) You threaten rejection to everyone and immediate expulsion to each student with exotic origins.
b) You support the initiative if and only if interests the north of Italy.
c) You try to understand the reasons that pushed them to this action.

And finally ...

5) What motto do you think best summarizes the priority message among to be transmitted to your students?
a) Better loving of beautiful girls than being gay.
b) Thieving Rome, the Northern League will not forgive.
c) The law is equal for all.

Prevalence of answers a: you are a true teacher of love, check the payroll at year-end and smile with us.
Prevalence of responses b: you’ve got the Federalism, what else do you want?!
Prevalence of responses c: are you sure to still work in this school?

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