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Milan Democratic Party primary elections, Giuliano Pisapia wins

Stories and News No. 269

Against all odds, or almost, the Democratic Party primaries to choose the candidate who will challenge Berlusconi’s Letizia Moratti in the forthcoming Milan mayor elections declared as winner Giuliano Pisapia, a former Member of Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Communist Refoundation Party), currently near to Nichi Vendola.
The number one loser is probably Stefano Boeri, the man who the PD had pointed on, superseded by Pisapia with five percentage points.
This unexpected outcome has already caused some bumps in the party of Pierluigi Bersani.
Is the Democratic Party really of Bersani?
In other words, is Bersani the leader of the Democratic Party?
More precisely: is Bersani a leader?
If the PD had allowed Beppe Grillo to participate at the national primary, Bersani would be now still in his place?
And according to you, if or when the centre-left voters will be called to another consultation to decide the candidate for prime minister, who they will choose between Bersani, Vendola and Di Pietro?
In my humble opinion, if I were Bersani, especially if I loved to be secretary of the party, I would do everything possible to prevent that voting…
On the other hand, the three tenors, Fini, Casini and Rutelli have not such a different problem.
I think it is clear that none of them will step back, leaving the scepter of the third pole to one of the others.
This is the reason why every day outside names come, including those of Governor Draghi and Montezemolo.
This is a very serious problem that lasts since a long time; since least fifteen years, just to be clear, more or less when he started to be a politician.
Loved or hated, Silvio Berlusconi is a leader.
To defeat a leader is sufficient to have one stronger than the predecessor.

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a leader.
He was the leader of a country.
The country had heard all about him.
Despicable actions and behaviors in any citizen.
Imagine the leader of a country.
Yet, apart from temporary moments, the leader was always able to move the majority of people on his side.
Well… let's be honest, at least here: the majority of people who had raised the ass off the couch to go to express their preference.
The leader of the country, feeling stronger than anything, felt every day more freer to be himself.
So he showed all the worst of what he was capable.
He did not miss anything.
He did not stop at anything.
And he never had any qualms about satisfying his own desires, even at the expense of that country which he was leader of.
Fifteen years passed, while the number of opponents of the latter had dramatically grown.
Up to that time they had tried everything.
They had spent all energy to demolish the image of the enemy leader in the eyes of his supporters.
They had pulled into the field most beloved media heroes to convince people to abandon the old leader and especially to move lazy people from that couch above.
They also understood that if you have not someone who can communicate to the people with the right authority, the other one wins saying bullshits too.
In other words, a true stronger than the predecessor leader.
However, a couple of questions remained unanswered: what will guarantee the people that the new country's leader will not stain the same sins?
Is a stronger than predecessor leader enough to have a better country?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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