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Minister Maroni and Roberto Saviano: no right to be on air list

Stories and News No. 275

As I wrote earlier, one of the main factors linked to Vieni via con me (Come away with me) talk show created and conducted by Fabio Fazio and Gomorra author’s Roberto Saviano, is the TV share.
In fact, if you look online, almost all major Italy newspapers dwell on the winning record.
In addition, some media focus on the peaks from one of the guests: Italy Interior Minister Roberto Maroni.
While advertising agencies and the various sponsors are rubbing their hands, before getting to the point of the post, I want to say that last episode is the one I liked most.
I especially appreciated the first speech by Saviano, on the abuse made in Italy by the North to the South with the toxic waste.
The monologue by Corrado Guzzanti made me laugh a lot.
That is a shame that a so good satirical comedian is not much more on TV.
But perhaps it is not just a shame, is not it?
Because even a worthy product as Vieni via con me, just like the south of Italy, yesterday was live abused.
I say and I emphasize this: Minister Roberto Maroni had no right to go on air.
Who of you has this right?!
Tell me, who among you has the right to claim of speaking in prime time in front of millions of people?
I do not have it.
And if I had someone should protest…

The Story:

List of reasons why the Minister Maroni
should not have to go on air:

Because it was an abuse of power.

Because the governments go but my country is still a democracy.

Because no one has the right to impose his presence to others.

Because this is what I teach my children.

Because RAI is or should be a public service, to serve the public, not the government.

Because a minister have all the media in the country, whenever he wish, to replicate and contradict.

Because there is freedom of expression.

Because there is no right to contradict.

Because in each democratic country that would never have happened.

Because otherwise everyone would be afraid to say something that the minister might not like.

Because then the TV would become a hotbed of licking and cowardly.

Because the same would happen to most of the newspapers.

And because if you allow bullies to abuse their power, you damage yourself and particularly those who are weaker than you…

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