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Ukraine Femen protest in Kiev: lesson to Berlusconi

Stories and News No. 266

I read this morning that another reporter was beaten in Putin's Russia.
He is Anatoly Adamchuk, of Vesti Zhukovskije, a provincial newspaper, guilty of having tried to protect a forest near Moscow, at risk by a highway building plan.
While Adamchuk survived, Oleg Kashin - defined traitor by the Russian Prime Minister, due to the recent aggression is still in a coma.
I put this news with another shameful statement by George W. Bush.
The former U.S. president, given the Republican victory in the mid-term elections, has now promoting a book - I do not say the title, I would like to not help its selling, justifying torture, saying that it can save lives.
What the democratic Putin and pacifist Bush have in common?
They are both great friends of Silvio Berlusconi.
Watching them, I recall the motto, talk of your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.
I do not know if it exists, but I think it makes sense.
Yet, while it seems that in Italy many young girls are ready to compromise much more than their body to please a seventy-four years old guy, in Ukraine there is someone who uses the same body to rebel against such abuse.
I am talking about Femen, a movement of women pledging to combat sex tourism, sexism and other social ills.
The activist girls take to the streets in topless, taking advantage of the alleged scandal by the audience drawing attention to their demands.
Their latest action is a protest against Putin's visit to their country.
I think it is an example to think about…

The Story:
Once upon a time there was a group of girls…

They were young and beautiful…

However, that doesn’t mean they were easy to buy…

Indeed, they were not for sale…

You can see a woman in many ways.
As a loving mother…

As a wonderful partner…

As a sincere friend…

But no one gives you the right to see her as an object...

Even if you're the Italian Prime Minister.

Watch the  video.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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