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Maurizio Gasparri, a potential killer is me

Stories and News No. 293

"Keep your sons at home, in the manifestations there are potential killers" is today shot.
Yesterday’s one, in relation to recent and especially next protest marches, was: "We need preventative arrests."
Who is the author of these pearls of wisdom?
A: Sergeant Garcia (From Zorro)
B: Inspector Clouseau (au revoir to the great Blake Edwards)
C: The Italy former Minister of Communications, currently group leader in the Senate of Berlusconi’s People of Freedom, Mr. Maurizio Gasparri
I only say that he is the least intelligent of the three, I leave the answer to you.
For me, I have learned over the years that in situations of particular tension, less intellectually endowed and especially poor in terms of management of the instincts people are the first to stand out.
It is not a good stand out, of course.
I am not talking of unquestionably reprehensible violence during last protests.
I refer to foaming at the mouth persons who loose control and start to insult, to name another.
The point is that these 'gentlemen' ignore even the truth that is hidden in their delirious words.
In fact, the phrase about potential killers is not so far-fetched.
The truth is that they are many more than our politicians can imagine, not only within a manifestation.
A potential killer is not a killer, and until proven guilty, is innocent.
Certainly he is not someone to overlook and let alone to provoke…

The Story:

My name is Antonio and I confess: I am a potential killer.
It's a thing about me that I only discovered in adulthood.
I was thirty years old when I first looked in the mirror and saw that possibility in my eyes.
I was afraid.
I was afraid to see that eventuality turning into reality.
I was afraid at the thought that this presence was felt even by those who I love the most: the fear of making them afraid.
And I was afraid of myself.
Some say that fear is a valuable emotion, which is healthy and prevents you from making rash and irresponsible actions.
Maybe, but what happens in the meantime?
What happens inside you, in the time between listening to the fear and the choice of control?
I tell you: anger rises, anger towards those who made me so.
As my employers, who have done everything to profit by the excuse of the crisis to reduce my rights, the recognition for my hard work and reward for the sacrifices I made for their unique advantage.
Like all my colleagues who have bent their head and pulled down trousers and dignity, actually hurting me instead of earning something.
As politicians, all politicians who demonstrate in words and actions do not have any idea of the injustices that people like me suffer since years.
I am referring to people who among precariously contracts prefer to endure employment agencies and job contests rather than surrender and violate once and for all the law.
I am speaking of people who find each passing year more and more difficult to mail the letter to Santa Claus for their children.
I'm afraid.
I fear the day when they will not find anything under the Christmas tree.
I'm afraid, because I do not know what I would potentially be able to do…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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