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The not Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes

Today no stories and news.
This year I stop here.
I'm tired, this 2010 was very tiring and stressful, especially the last three months, but raising my head and looking around, just beyond my nose, I realize that I am still a very lucky man.
On the other hand, to write a post per day, plus his Italian version, without earning a penny, it takes time.
I am sorry, I do not always have enough of the latter to publish articles that are at the same level of the attention that I received, and I apologize for this.
As they say, I do what I can.
Anyway, I hope that my stories have given you something, regardless of my intentions.
I always thought that the stories are of all of us, because everyone can read something no one else can see.
Not even the author.
At this point, I suppose you're wondering the meaning of the title.
That is simple: I do not believe that everyone deserves the best wishes.
It is said that at Christmas we're all better people.
That is false.
Indeed, all the scoundrels who live behind the poor people in this country during the holidays are even worse.
They eat like pigs - with all due respect to the latter - and prepare to toast for a even more fat 2011.
Well, to all of them I give my not wishes.
In particular, I send my not wishes to those who laughed at the misfortunes of others, confident of being able to take advantage of them.
I send not wishes also to those who, with the money of citizens in the paycheck, all do except to think about their real job.
I offer other not wishes to whom every day muddy with impunity the name of our beautiful, rich in history and culture land, the same land where my father is buried.
I send an ocean of not wishes to those who enrich, not honestly meriting even half of what they found each month in their bank account.
I send very not wishes to all those who voted for any reason, rational or insane, our actual Prime Minister, even once, by mistake and/or one second after repenting.
Especially to those who one day will say: "Berlusconi? No, I voted for PDL but I was for Fini..."
Not sincere wishes to all politicians who had the courage to send our young people to die at war - I stress, at war - but not enough to lift their butt and go they first.
In summary, my best not wishes to those who, with their lives, make my country worst of what could be.
To everyone else, I wish to achieve their impossible dreams.
While waiting for that to happen, I hope they find the strength to believe them as possible.


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