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Yara Gambirasio disappearance: may God protect the innocents

Stories and News No. 284

At the beginning of this week, two news items in particular occupy the front pages of Italy newspaper and TV newscasts.
Both refer to terrible tragedies: the deaths of seven people at Lamezia Terme and the disappearance of a thirteen years old girl, Yara Gambirasio.
The two sad events have in common one word: immigration.
That is a word that can unite Italy patriotism almost as much as the national football team, unless it makes poor performance as in the last world championship.
In that case we even see those that say: "Italy? No, I supported Spain, I like good football…"
Specifically, I read that the person responsible for the deaths of seven cyclists hit by his car is Chafik El Ketani, a Moroccan 21 years old man.
Moroccan, this is the word that counts for our newspapers and a large proportion of their readers.
However it counts very little if in the car with El Ketani there was also his nephew, a child of 8 years - innocent by definition, Moroccan or not… thankfully now out of danger.
At the same time, what is happening around the disappearance of Yara is as usual very symptomatic of the racism that is a part of our culture, if we may still call it so.
Let me be clear: I am not at all saying that the Italians are racist, but something more complex and thus more difficult to eradicate.
Surely not with those bullshit progressive campaigns with two colored hugs and handshakes.
Anyway, this is nothing.
You can well imagine how the combination of immigration and crime will become the ultimate trendy if we will have early elections…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was the average citizen.
The average citizen is one who does not have a clear opinion on anything.
He votes right but he may easily change and turn on the left.
The reverse is true too.
However, even if he has no clear opinion on anything, he is always able to express an opinion on the big issues.
The big issues are the same since many years now.
Football, of course, the Festival of Sanremo, the politicians, the mafia in the south, immigration…
Well, the penultimate argument, by fault or merit of Roberto Saviano, he begins to be a little confused, but it is an exception.
The average citizen expresses opinions on these issues very similar to the average population.
We can say the same, after a few minor nuances.
On football he will tell you that once it was so much better, that before there were less money and more passion, but one thing is certain: when the season starts, on pay tv or stadium, he will not lose a match.
About the Festival of Sanremo, in the same way he will regret the past, but at least the final evening he will be like all his peers at the TV screen, to await the outcome of the voting.
On politicians he will tell you the worst, but never expect a vote that is really a change.
Immigration is the subject that shows his greatest not overbalancing.
On 26 November in Brembate di Sopra, Bergamo’s province, a family loses a young girl and some volunteers immediately begin the search.
The average citizen is immediately concerned with the matter; he is always very sensitive to the mysterious tragedies.
On December 4, here is the first news that evokes the precious national glue above: "Yara was killed. A Tunisian was arrested. "
The next day another title belies the first: Yara, a Moroccan was arrested for murder. An phone tapping caught him.
That is venial difference for the average citizen: Moroccan or Tunisian, he is ever immigrant.
What does the key phone tapping say? "May Allah forgive me, but I have not killed."
Now, the average citizen who in this period is voting right has no doubts: "When we are sure who it was, we put the hood and we're going to punish that Moroccan", taking a random statement.
Well, do not think that the average citizen who instead is voting on the opposite side shows the same alternative thinking.
In fact, he has no words to say.
Defending the indefensible is just to lose, he thinks.
One thing is certain: both base their views on that single news, many just the title.
It is perhaps important that Mohammed Fikri, the 22 years old Moroccan worker, say to be innocent?
It is important that Abderrazzaq, the cousin of Mohammed, said that the latter was not running away when he was arrested but he had planned this trip since a long time?
And it is important that the Abderrazzaq also claims that Fikri said "May God protect me, I did not kill her" and that investigators have the wrong translation?
The problem is that for the average citizen, forgive me and protect me has the same difference that he sees between Tunisian and Moroccan…
And racism is especially in those who have no intention that this will change…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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