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Between Berlusconi Bipartisan Plan and D'Alema great Alliance I choose Revolution

Stories and News No. 311 D'Alema and Berlusconi. Berlusconi and D'Alema. Do you know something about the bicameral in 1997? It was a horrible so much prophetic type of mess between Mr. D'Alema and Berlusconi, proposed by the former. As time goes on, isn’t it? That is, time passes, but the thirst for mess-ups by the two brilliant statesmen is never satisfied. In my humble opinion it is an absolutely not random fact that we have today two similar interventions on Italy press. D’Alema, current president of Copasir, in an interview with La Repubblica , in anticipation of early elections makes an appeal to an ideal grid, which comprehends Democratic Party Fini and Casini’s Terzo Polo, the Italy of Values and the radical left, proposing to voters a government of national responsibility . At the same time, Silvio, the nephew of Mubarak’s best friend, writes a letter to the Corriere della Sera and proposes to the leader of the Democratic Party Bersani a bipartisan plan for the

Berlusconi PDL manifestation protest against judges: excellent adhesions list

Stories and News No. 310 If I had not the faintest idea of the country where we live today and, above all, what kind of people are governing, I would almost always see news as hoaxes. In other words, instead of a state whose image is daily degraded by his so-called leaders, we would live in a nation led by a band of wags, dedicated to do everything to give a laugh to the people. So, abroad people would say: Italy, what a friendly country, where the joy rules and the jokes go around. The problem is that the fact I read this morning does not seem to be a joke: Berlusconi’s People of Freedom are preparing a manifestation for 13 February 2011 against the judges who are guilty of attacking Silvio Berlusconi. Look, I sincerely hope that this may soon be denied, otherwise, once such a joke will travel around the world, a hard to forget in the near future laughing will rise up. However, regardless of whether the grotesque initiative will be confirmed or not, I went around the web in search o

Berlusconi newspaper attacks prosecutor Ilda Boccassini

Stories and News No. 309 After this post, do not tell me that I am not unbiased. When it comes to even recognize the merits of those who I usually disapprove of, I do not hesitate. Though reluctantly, I must admit my sincere admiration for the article published today by Il Giornale , Berlusconi’s newspaper. The title is evocative: " Private loves of Boccassini ". The clever article is pretty much focused on a brilliant scoop on the prosecutor Ilda Boccassini , part of the court of Milan, between the accusers in the recent investigations on Italy Prime Minister. In the work, we read about a murky past . In fact, that's incredible, in 1982 - twenty-nine years ago – Mrs Boccassini was seen in love attitudes with a communist journalist ! So the contradictions of the magistrate are obviously highlighted, since she is guilty today to rummage in the private life of Berlusconi. She shows a double morality , in fact. This is journalism , I must admit. But my opinion counts for

Bunga Bunga Arcore parties for Berlusconi defense

Stories and News No. 308 "All the ladies were nicely respectful and obsequious to the President. Being a journalist I noticed that there was around a lot of Coca-Cola light, mineral water and some bitterness. I was the only one who drank vodka. The Prime Minister was very nice and correct, he told stories of his life, his experiences in Paris, sometimes singing songs…" This passage is taken from the statements made by one of about thirty witnesses in the hands of Piero Longo and Niccolò Ghedini, Mr Berlusconi's defense in case Ruby. In the specific, he is Carlo Rossella, President of Medusa film. As if to say, he is an impartial voice… I read that this is more or less the words by other witnesses. Suddenly I have a doubt: if it were all true? Oh my God… If Berlusconi is right and all this scandal was only the result of machinations of the left-wing newspapers and prevented judges? If Silvio’s lawyers are true, then, the pictures of the Bunga Bunga parties that I

The Berlusconi Show phone calls

Stories and News No. 307 Now he starts to be depressing. Could you imagine him? A seventy-four old man, sitting in a chair with the blanket on his legs, which makes zapping between TV channels in search of talk shows that say bad things on him. Then he phone calls and tries to intervene. I know it is a sad image for prime minister, but this is the reality. That is a miserable story. For this reason, I need to laugh about. Many do not know - here's the new scoop - that Berlusconi, before calling Gad Lerner’s talk show last night, he got the wrong number and called a family like many others. Since he had prepared the speech, before realizing the error, Silvio started to speak… The Story: "Hello?" Paolo said, ten years old. "Good evening, they called me to tune on TV…" "Hello?" the child repeated. "Who speaks?" "I'm seeing a disgusting talk show!" Mario, redundancy worker, takes the handset. "Who is?" the man asks. &q

Minister Ignazio Larussa, the ignorant who ignores…

Stories and News No. 306 "I do not think the bishop will be offended if I say that he is ignorant. In the sense that he ignores what is happening there." So the minister Ignazio Larussa replied to the bishop Mattiazzo, which had said : " Of course I am sorry that this young man is dead. However, let's plan with the exaltation of rhetoric, let's not make them heroes. Those are not peace-keeping missions ." The young man is Matteo Miotto , the Italian soldier recently died in Afghanistan. I'm not going to enter the controversy about what a hero is or not. For my part, I remain faithful to Brecht's famous motto: Happy is the country that does not need heroes . And we all know how much our country needs happiness. I wish to comment on the words by Italy minister of defense. Larussa calls the bishop ignorant in the sense that he ignores what is happening there. There … Does he mean Afghanistan with there? And when he refers to what happens, is he talki

Berlusconi and the Vatican: the scandal Family Day

Stories and News No. 305 First a necessary introduction: this blog does not forget. Or at least it tries not to. Moreover, it would also be hard to ignore what the web still shows to those interested in history. I am talking about the recent history, not the Stone Age. For this reason I have not been among those who have rejoiced at the new Gianfranco Fini and so I have now not become supporter of the Vatican if the bishops too are worried about Berlusconi’s scandals, asking for more law and morality. After what we read on internet in the phone tapping and now thanks to last night's episode of Annozero , many others begin to worry about. However, all this only recent concerning makes me angry. Silvio was convenient while he made laws for the family, isn’t it? The latter collected and turned a blind eye, or rather both. Should we get into the mess bunga bunga room to know that this man has a questionable moral?! Now that the rot is coming out - and I think we have not se

Italy of Bunga Bunga and the poor and unemployed

Stories and News No. 304 Two news items have particularly caught my attention today. The first is yet another video posted by Silvio Berlusconi to his promoters of freedom , this time focused on the prosecutors which are investigating on him in relation the Ruby case. The second, the last but not the least, is called Noi Italia (We Italy) and is the Istat (most important Italian statistic researchers) report, with aggregate data about our country in the year 2009. Reading the text of the message by our prime minister and giving just a look at the numbers that emerge from Istat research, especially those related to the growing number of poor families and unemployed , I see a further evidence of the shameful short circuit between the prime minister, his paid by the State servants and the real world; the real world that suffers and pays more than all the infamous policy of recent years. There are two Italys: that who attends the spectacle of Bunga Bunga and the one who remains out.