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Berlusconi and the Vatican: the scandal Family Day

Stories and News No. 305

First a necessary introduction: this blog does not forget.
Or at least it tries not to.
Moreover, it would also be hard to ignore what the web still shows to those interested in history.
I am talking about the recent history, not the Stone Age.
For this reason I have not been among those who have rejoiced at the new Gianfranco Fini and so I have now not become supporter of the Vatican if the bishops too are worried about Berlusconi’s scandals, asking for more law and morality.
After what we read on internet in the phone tapping and now thanks to last night's episode of Annozero, many others begin to worry about.
However, all this only recent concerning makes me angry.
Silvio was convenient while he made laws for the family, isn’t it? The latter collected and turned a blind eye, or rather both.
Should we get into the mess bunga bunga room to know that this man has a questionable moral?!
Now that the rot is coming out - and I think we have not seen anything yet - they ask morality.
The morality, dear priests, is not something to ask, but to live.
Otherwise it happens to read that in these days the Irish channel RTE has submitted a letter from 1997 by the Vatican to the bishops of Ireland, with a formal request not to report cases of child abuse in Church to the police.
Vatican and Berlusconi, Berlusconi and the Vatican.
Thinking of this diabolic marriage, as what it was between the church and Giulio Andreotti, some pictures came to my mind…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was the Family Day

A perfect day for precious friendships…

An ideal opportunity to reach an agreement…

A moment of joy…

And love…

Then by chance the altars get discovered…

Fortunately, there is still the satire, one of the few remaining Italian eyes that do not forget what they see…

(The Vatican is hoping for a conversion.
Ratzinger: "If he likes so much the minors, he can always become a priest." By Vauro)

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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