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Berlusconi Ruby: his electors comment

Stories and News No. 303

"Are you crazy? I am absolutely calm, I'm having fun."
So Berlusconi responded to reporters who asked if, following the recent reports about the Ruby case, intends to resign.
I'm still feverish, nevertheless a question arises: what do his voters, the people of love, think about this again fool for our country because of their leader?
Take a look at foreign media, our image is again degraded.
My impression is that we really got to a terminal phase of the Berlusconi virus.
The catholic church is concerned.
If even Giovanni “Lion heart” Floris found the courage to slam the phone down to Silvio during BallarĂ² Talk show
Yet, I am convinced that the followers of Prime Minister are so blind in their adoration and persist in staying faithful.
This is a fundamental question, in my humble opinion.
With a little imagination and above all looking for Berlusconi’s fans comments on this embarrassing story, here is…

The Story:

All this scandal is another invention of the Leftist newspapers.
They hate him because he is rich and loves beautiful women.
What's wrong? It's better than being gay.
That's all envy.
Prosecutors commonly use justice to hit him.
They have always done.
Since they can not defeat him with elections, they seek to stop him with the trials.
Well, they won’t win because he is innocent.
The fact is that Silvio is a generous man and some unscrupulous girls take advantage of it.
He has done so much for our country.
He has cleaned up Naples from the garbage.
In agreement with Gaddafi, he has decreased illegal immigration.
He gave the houses to earthquake victims in Abruzzo.
Without him there would be the Communist Government and it would ruin us.
He goes to church every Sunday.
He is a nice and handsome man.
That Moroccan… Ruby, Silvio did not know that she was a minor, she has deceived him.
Here's what happens when you bring home an immigrant.
Instead of wasting time with all this gossip, look at all that this government is doing.
Look at the facts, not the chatter of television programs.
They are all in the hands of Left, using our money to attack him every day.
Leave him alone and stop invading his privacy.
What kind of country is this?
To treat in this way the Prime Minister is an unworthy thing.
Anyway, nothing will change.
At the next election we will vote him in so many more.
Thank goodness for Silvio.
Otherwise we would be in a bad situation.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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