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Berlusconi vs Tremonti is right: the crisis is over for him

Stories and News No. 295

I will start the 2011 making an effort to better understand Berlusconi’s thought.
If it is true that in recent years we have become more and more an individualistic country, inclined to think only of ourselves people, the economic crisis and the difficulty in designing the future moved us to hide even more in our shells.
Well, when the shell is made of huge villas, full of beautiful and available girls and helpful and obliging servants, why worrying about outside?
I read that at a conference in Paris, entitled “New world, new capitalism”, Minister Tremonti said the crisis is not over: "Now we say that all is right. But are we sure? It's like living in a video game: you see a monster, you fight, you win, and you’re relaxed…"
In my humble opinion, I have the impression that many of the inhabitants of the so-called real world never dreamed that all is right and that many others, too many, do not fight the monster, but continue to give him food and to offer as a dessert their bare behinds.
Nevertheless, it seems that the Italian premier does not have liked Tremonti’s speech: "If it's a way of saying that he will not give money to the reforms he is mistaken. This time is likely going to beat…"
Now, keeping the intentions at the beginning of the post, trying to immerse myself in the prime minister, I have to disagree with the Minister of Economy…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a land that once again we may call Italy.
In the land that once again we may call Italy, there were a politician and a company.
Using fictional names, let say that the politician was Silvio and the company Mediaset.
The 2010, hearing his critics, had ended really badly for the politician, despite his attempts to sweeten the pill.
Until proven otherwise, at the end of the year, Silvio was with a large loss of allies and a striking decline in audience share, not to mention the defeat of AC Milan, which he was keen football fan of.
I would say he was also the owner, but I'm talking about the politician.
Putting myself in the protagonist role - as the premise - I do not see conflicts of interest.
A moment Silvio was a one thing and the next another one.
Not having memory was the key.
It was like the computer's RAM: volatile.
Here is, Silvio was the Ram man.
At the same time, the company finished the 201o in a great way.
In fact, in December Mediaset appeared in Spain with a billion euro in the bag, buying through Telecinco the channel Cuatro of Prisa group.
Prisa, among other things, is editor of El Pais, a newspaper that is often critical of the politician.
But this is not relevant; there is no conflict in this story.
Also through Telecinco, Mediaset has acquired an important share of the Digital + network.
However, there's more.
Mediaset, having more money to spend, as owner of half of the group Space Cinema, in December bought Cinecity, resulting at least 200 million euro of future fees in movie industry.
What is the moral?
About the politician you can do all the talk of the world, but one thing is certain: for Mediaset the crisis is not over. It never started.
If you relate the two, well, you are communist…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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