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Hervé Falciani tax evaders dossier: honest version

Stories and News No. 298

First 700 suspected for alleged tax evasion by the Rome prosecutor are covering today all Italy news media.
We talk about actresses and fashion designers, jewelers and business executives.
In short, people with money to spend or to make grow up.
The source would be the list of information that bears the name of Hervé Falciani, which he removed from the office in Geneva of the HSBC bank and surrendered to French authorities.
Apparently, the list contains almost 7000 Italian names, for a total of almost seven billion dollars, just based on two-year period 2005-2007.
Apart from the VIP names, regardless of the crime, even regardless of the amount of money stolen at the correct tax, the thing that intrigued me the most is: how will the average Italian react to a fact like this?
I may be wrong, but I am convinced that a substantial part of people in the end will arrive to this conclusion: they do well, I'd do the same.
Here, I am not here to be moralist.
I am sure that one of the greatest sins of my generation is to have perfectly learned how to use others to justify their own dishonesty.
The reality is that I am equally sure that in our country there are people who have no bank account in Switzerland and pay taxes regularly.
That is not because they are not rich.
They do not have an account in Switzerland because they chose other priorities in their lives.
They dream of wealth like everyone else, but they go towards other horizons.
They pay taxes regularly not because they are fools, but because they have no interest in not doing so.
These people exist, I give you my word.
These are not fictional characters and not even magazine celebrities.
So, here's their Falciani dossier, the honest version…

The Story:

Luisa, a primary school teacher.
Andrea, Call center operator.
Claudio, educator.
Giovanna, ecological operator.
Domenico, doctor.
Catrinel, textile worker.
Khadim, clerk.
Teresa, hairdresser.
Corrado, researcher.
Laura, municipal employee.
Attilio, kindergarten teacher.
Maria, psychologist.
Sergio, bricklayer.
Giulia, bartender.
Stefano, plumber.
Daniela, secretary.
Massimiliano, prison guard.
Serena, accountant.
Fabio, concierge.
Chiara, cop.
Traian, construction worker.
Elena, beautician.
Marco, dishwasher.
Lucia, freelance journalist.
Enzo, real estate agent.
Carolina, special education teacher.
Pasquale, guardian.
Paola, lifeguard.
Francesco, programmer.
Liliana, waitress.
Chun, restauranteur.
Debora, newsagent.
…and many more.
They are much more than seven thousand.
They live and work every day around us.
The real problem is not just that this list is not on the top of the news, but that most of us are convinced that it does not exist.
As if they were invisible…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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