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Berlusconi better contumacy than homosexual

Stories and News No. 331 Life is hard for real Berlusconi’s adepts, I have always said. I am not referring to the opportunist voters, people who vote him being sure that thanks to that they will easy make their dirty business. I am not speaking even of those who - having as only motivation the idea that the alternative to Silvio is really worse, close the nose, eyes and ears and put the cross under his name. Well, since leaving the polling station, they moreover shut their mouth, because they never reveal their sin. Most of the time they say to not vote, Italy politics is all a mess, and so on… The persons who arouse my interest the most are the promoters of freedom, the convinced fans, the true believers, those who despite the ocean of bad stuff that came out on their idol, they insist in worshipping him. This is the real species to be studied, much more than the two-headed turtles and the pigs with wings. Why do I say that the lives of these Italian premier supporters are hard? That

Obama Berlusconi phone tapping about Libya

Stories and News No. 330 I read this morning that last night Obama phone called Berlusconi ‘to continue consultations on the situation in Libya and coordinate our urgent efforts to respond to developments and ensure that there is appropriate accountability’. To be precise, the White House website says that U.S. president made the same call to Sarkozy and Cameron. The same… Well, not really. It also happens to everybody, isn’t it? If we telephone to different persons, although we must communicate the same message, we differently speak, depending on the relationship we have with them. For example, if Berlusconi had to invite to his party a young girl and Sarkozy - of course not the same party… - I do not think he would use the same words. Now, since what emerges from the recent revelations by Wikileaks , it seems that the U.S. government has understood this: when Italy prime minister is led by the hand and made feel important , he proves to be the best ally ; Above all, his weakness

10000 dead in Libya chance for racism Ministers La Russa and Maroni

Stories and News No. 329 Very sad update to the yesterday post : the death toll in Libya rose to 10,000 . There are also 50,000 injured people, mass graves; a bloodbath that is terrifying the whole world. The reactions of the major leaders are coming. Among the many, Obama called the violence in Libya outrageous. Merkel defined the recent speech by Gaddafi frightening and asked threatens sanctions, as Sarkozy did . Now, ever as counterpoint to yesterday post, I do not think that only Italy must be brought into question for the past and present relations with the Libyan dictator, more or less publicly. However, it seems that once again, in terms of decency and simple humanity, Berlusconi's government should stand out . On this occasion, here is the Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa : " We must be prepared to biblical migrations " and Interior Minister Roberto Maroni : " Italy can cope with the emergency caused by the immigrant riots in North Africa, but not

Libya protests Gaddafi and Berlusconi news: thousands deaths theorem

Stories and News No. 328 I note with great interest not only news but also how they are distributed. I think it is a clear symptom of how we relate to what is happening, what aspects of contemporary history we see as a priority. Take for example the increasing escalation of the uprising in Libya . I just did a search on the net and it seems that in Italy and not only here, at least on the web, the shameful Berlusconi’s attitude before, during and after the current uprising, with the dictator Gaddafi inspire more curiosity than usual. I fully agree, needless to say. However, to be honest, it should be mentioned that the disturbing ambiguity of our country's relations with the Libyan leader was not born yesterday, let alone the day before, but has a more than a decade history. On the other hand, tell me what obscure guy of the last century we have had not relations with. The point is another, in my humble opinion. The point is that we speak of 10000 deaths ( Updated 8.32 pm ). 100

If not now when do we stop the parliament? Republican self-defense

Stories and News No. 327 I recently read a news item that I like. Sometimes it happens. From the pages of Micromega , the director Paolo Flores D'Arcais, the writer Andrea Camilleri and the Literature Nobel Dario Fo and others subscribed a request to the political opposition to make a practical Republican self-defense 'solemnly and immediately proclaiming a systematic and permanent blocking of the Parliament on all measures and by all means that the law and regulations provide, up to Berlusconi's resignation and subsequent elections'. The following motto, which has become the slogan of the Italian current political moment: If not now, when ? Blocking of the parliament, this is a coherent action. The only one, if you have a minimum of intellectual honesty, facing with the majority in power in today Italy. If not now, when? I like these words even more than the news above. I love those phrases that can best sum up a moment of particular significance. Once uttered, they

Monsignor Paolo Rigon, homosexuality is not a disease to cure: ignorance is

Stories and News No. 326 Monsignor Paolo Rigon , vicar of the ecclesiastical court of Liguria (Italy region). Write down the name. These are people who leave their mark in the history of their country, no jokes. At the inauguration of the judicial year 2011, on the report about marital infidelity, he said: "Another aspect of this problem is the tendency or "gender", which today there is much talk of, whereby you can also get to choose how you want to live your sexuality, homosexual , heterosexual or alternatively or simultaneously. If so there will be an inability to be faithful: the tragic case of homosexuality is that someone is hoping to win or to mask it precisely with the marriage but it is an illusion, it is not practically possible to remain faithful to the spouse". When asked to explain the concept, the high priest issued these suggestive statements: our aim is to pass a message: "The problem of homosexuality is caused because no one is born homosex

Benigni Sanremo Festival 2011 Italy National Anthem with Bossi Borghezio Rap

Stories and News No. 325 Roberto Benigni 's video in Sanremo Music Festival 2011 is invading the net. The part that struck me most was when the Italian Academy Award winner sang the national anthem . So, when I listened to the verses several public statements of some representatives of the actual government came to my mind: the Lega Nord ( Northern League ). So, to add a breath of harsh reality to the magical charm of the interpretation by Roberto, I did a little research online and I found the perfect rap singers: the Minister for Reforms for Federalism Umberto Bossi and his party colleague, representative of our country in the European Parliament , Mario Borghezio … The Story: The News: Sanremo, Benigni tell the Italy National Anthem’s story. Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. Share the post:

Ruby Berlusconi abuse evidences? He was stressed…

Stories and News No. 324 One thing I think we can all agree on: the trials must be made in the courts. However, there is a unique exception in the world and, I assume no one will deny it, is called Silvio Berlusconi. Oh yes, because in his case the trials should be made in the courts, if he went there when he must. For what? To prove his innocence, to name one at random. Otherwise, someone might remains in doubt or with suspicion. But if some newspapers have published the document with the evidences that led the magistrate Cristina di Censo to proceed on the immediate trial on Italy premier, well, it’s normal that people have some questions about it. That is not because they're communist executioner and hypocritical moralist, but simply because a citizen of a democratic republic has the right and duty to know whether the man who governs his country had abused a minor or not; because this is the theme, not the privacy violation and this is sacrosanct if you are a hypocritical mora

Berlusconi to trial: if convicted the first to deny him will be…

Stories and News No. 323 We have the trial’s date. April 6, 2011. One of the fundamental qualities in politics as in life is the foresight. More than ever today, when the balance of the world change with a steadily increasing speed, the ability to anticipate events is an indispensable need. So, I would like to give my little contribution. Let’s image that in a more or less unknown future after this April 6, Berlusconi is condemned in all possible levels of courts, especially being not able to escape thanks to a last minute immunity law. In brief, let's see him sadly going to prison. I know, despite that is the desire of many, this is a totally utopian chance. I hope you will agree with me. However, indulge me and imagine that the Italy prime minister is escorted to his cell. The question I ask myself and you is this: among those who owe him the power and wealth they have accumulated over the years, who will be the first to deny him? I made a little list in alphabetical order and I