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10000 dead in Libya chance for racism Ministers La Russa and Maroni

Stories and News No. 329

Very sad update to the yesterday post: the death toll in Libya rose to 10,000.
There are also 50,000 injured people, mass graves; a bloodbath that is terrifying the whole world.
The reactions of the major leaders are coming.
Among the many, Obama called the violence in Libya outrageous.
Merkel defined the recent speech by Gaddafi frightening and asked threatens sanctions, as Sarkozy did.
Now, ever as counterpoint to yesterday post, I do not think that only Italy must be brought into question for the past and present relations with the Libyan dictator, more or less publicly.
However, it seems that once again, in terms of decency and simple humanity, Berlusconi's government should stand out.
On this occasion, here is the Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa: "We must be prepared to biblical migrations" and Interior Minister Roberto Maroni: "Italy can cope with the emergency caused by the immigrant riots in North Africa, but not for long."
As if to say, immigrants are convenient for the racist propaganda as dead too

The Story:

In recent years I have often heard that hating the villains what is a noble act…

But you know, the scoundrel’s answer to this sacred hate follows his reputation…

The noble people are often charged on their skin…

Offering the best to the cause: life…

And it takes time before someone can honor their memory as they deserve…

Waiting for that, the only privilege that they have is to lie with those who shared the noble sacrifice…

Yet everything becomes like sand in the wind, as the one that covers their bodies in the mass graves, when it enters the mind, heart, and especially the belly of who is ever hungry of shame…

(From the left Minister Maroni and Minister La Russa)

Here is the video:

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