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Berlusconi Noemi Guide for young unemployed girls

Stories and News No. 313

Today inspiration comes from two news items.
The former concerns the payment of tens of thousands euros by Silvio Berlusconi to Anna Palumbo, Noemi Letizia’s mother.
I already imagine the comments of Berlusconi’s fans: "So what? He’s rich, he’s got the money and he does what he wants."
You know what?
You've convinced me.
He’s rich, he’s got the money and he does what he wants.
Let’s go ahead.
The latter news I wish to comment is this: in Italy, in December, the percentage of unemployed youth aged 15 to 24 years has reached a new record, 29%.
Since I have now accepted the fact that our premier is rich, he’s got money and he does what he wants, I will not be here doing the moral guy.
I just want to advise that 29% unemployed people.
Well, not everybody, only the adult part of them.
I do not want to do the moral guy, but I still have some values.
Being honest, I am not referring just to adults: only the girls and not all.
Let's say… the hot girls.
I've worked hard and I am proud to offer a free guide for young handsome unemployed girls…

The Story:

The “Berlusconi Noemi” Guide for unemployed girls

Are you a young girl with important forms?

Cannot find a job but you have so much love to offer?

Do you want to get money quickly by exploiting your talents?

Above all, have you enough stomach for close your nose and turn a blind eye… well, indeed both?

They are good too!

You'll see that even your mother will be happy…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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