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Berlusconi to trial: if convicted the first to deny him will be…

Stories and News No. 323

We have the trial’s date.
April 6, 2011.
One of the fundamental qualities in politics as in life is the foresight.
More than ever today, when the balance of the world change with a steadily increasing speed, the ability to anticipate events is an indispensable need.
So, I would like to give my little contribution.
Let’s image that in a more or less unknown future after this April 6, Berlusconi is condemned in all possible levels of courts, especially being not able to escape thanks to a last minute immunity law.
In brief, let's see him sadly going to prison.
I know, despite that is the desire of many, this is a totally utopian chance.
I hope you will agree with me.
However, indulge me and imagine that the Italy prime minister is escorted to his cell.
The question I ask myself and you is this: among those who owe him the power and wealth they have accumulated over the years, who will be the first to deny him?
I made a little list in alphabetical order and I offer you the question in the form of survey.
I am very curious about the outcome despite I would have my idea…

The Story:

If he is convicted, who will be the first to deny Berlusconi?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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