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Egypt strike against Mubarak one million March: why not Rome?

Stories and News No. 312

At this time, a mass of one million people, after meeting in Cairo in Tahrir Square, is about to reach the Presidential Palace, located in the district of Heliopolis.
The huge crowd is part of a popular uprising began in Egypt on January 25, against Mubarak.
The movement is clearly inspired by recent events in Tunisia, which led President Ben Ali to escape.
The reasons are similar.
On the one hand the population has serious difficulties to live a decent life and on the other there is a government guilty of corruption and ineptitude.
Do you remember anything?
But let’s stay at the point; there is still time to sink the shot.
Specifically, Egyptian government is accused of decades of dictatorship, imposed under the pretext of an emergency decided because of the murder of President Al-Sadat, Mubarak's predecessor.
A state of emergency that led the latter to exercise complete control over the media, with preventive arrests and obvious abuse of power, in addition to the danger of nepotism in favor of a succession of his son Jamal.
The protest movement has identified as the leader the Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad al-Barade'i (westernized El Baradei), who recently said that the protest will continue until Mubarak will be discharged.
How I love this thing.
The protest goes ahead and does not stop until it gets what is fighting for.
I love the concept.

The Story:

From a recent speech* to thousands of demonstrators by the Nobel-Barade'i:

"Fellow Egyptians, today you must recapture your rights. What we have started will never be turned back again. We have a key demand: for the regime to step down and begin a new era. You have taken back your rights and what we have begun cannot go back. I bow to the people of Egypt in respect. I ask of you patience, change is coming in the next few days."

Don’t you think that a change is an urgent need in Italy too?

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