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Rasa Kulyte and Bunga Bunga Berlusconi: Miss Lithuania as Mubarak's nephew

Stories and News No. 317

Just now I read some news that intrigued me.
Rai Television Councillor Rizzo Nervo has released this statement: "The Rai Director Mauro Masi asks the television industry resources to make a contract to this girl (Rasa Kulyte). She asks € 1500 per episode; a disproportionate number as the conductor of the program, Tiberio Timperi, earns € 400. The direction of industry resource rejected the request. Mauro Masi directly decides to sign the contract."
Then I read that Miss Kulyte maybe is also known as Giada, one of the girls who attended the licentious Bunga Bunga parties of Silvio Berlusconi, at least according to recent interceptions.
The detail that I was suspicious about regards the most important point in the curriculum of the beautiful girl, as indicated by most of the sites I checked: former Miss Lithuania.
Who has ever read this blog knows I'm diffident.
So, I searched the web to verify this important reference and I found some glaring inconsistencies, to be tender.
And here comes out…

The Story:

Once upon a time there was Miss Lithuania.
For many girls it was a real dream.
It was so in many parts of the world.
Perhaps, in countries like Lithuania it was even more.
There was also a land where the head was an old rich guy who had built his reputation on his alleged cunning and ability to sell smoke.
Over time it was discovered that at night, in the shelter of his home, he was a big sucker, especially in front of comely young ladies.
For example, you could tell him to be the nephew of Mubarak.
Or even Miss Lithuania.
Let’s image that a beautiful young girl arrived there.
Let's say she had said to be Miss Lithuania and old man believed without making any control.
If he did, he would read a list of recent Miss Lithuania:
1988 Ingrida Mikelionytė
1989 Liucija Gruzdytė
1992 Kukenytė Rasa
1993 Jurate Mikutaitė
1994 Jurga Tautkutė
1995 Gabriel Bartko
Daiva Anužytė 1996
1997 Auction Vyšniauskaitė
1998 Kristina Pakarnaitė
Martyna Bimbati 2000
2001 Oksana Semenišina
2002 Vaida Grikštaitė
2004 Agnė Maliaukaitė
Jurka 2007 Jurgita
2008 Gabriel Martirosian
2009 Vaida Petraškaitė
2010 Grit Maruškevičiūtė

Perhaps the girl was convinced to win next edition, in 2011.
Maybe the young lady was wrong and was convinced to be Rasa Kukenytė, Miss Lithuania in 1992.
1992: that is 19 years ago.
You know, if they were the same person, she should be almost forty…
Maybe it was a lie?
Well, if one believes Ruby is the nephew of Mubarak, as evidenced by the majority of the Italian parliament, why to not believe she is Miss Lithuania?

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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